Saturday, July 30, 2011

Palanivelu the New Minister

Here he comes again with his famous rhetoric “ you scratch my b×lls I will scratch your back” PM Najib has said it again, now to the MIC members in Putrajaya International Convention Centre (PICC)precipitating euphoria  among the crowd, as if getting a compliment from  the Prime Minister. From the Sibu by elections Najib’s demeaning and insulting of the people continues with his bartering of votes with goodies.
Now the goodies have come in the way of Ministerial Post for Palinivelu.But hopefully he gives Ministerial post also to Malaysia Makkal Sakthi Party, a party engineered by Najib to check mate MIC after the 2008 electoral defeat, and another each for Kimma, PPP, and The Malaysian Indian United Party (MIUP) of Nallakarupan. The more the merrier dear PM. Your great discovery is akin to another new Newton’s law, shall we call it The Najib’s third law of political motion, and the more the ministers and it will indirectly rejuvenate and improve the socio economic dynamics of the Indians.
So the Prime Minister with utmost urgency must install representative from all the parties which are now representing millions of Indians like Thanetheran, Syed Ibrahim Kader, Nallakaruppan and Kaveas, all these great stalwarts are to given ministerial post without delay. And failure to do so will derail the PM’s resolve in getting Indian votes. Their appointment will invigorate the present cabinet which is now filled up like the exemplary people like the Minster of Home Affairs who is famous in making all the wrong decisions, the learned minister Dr. Rais Yatim who is apt in making documentary for the ‘Police story of love and compassion’ for public viewing through his private TV station RTM.
Happy bloating of your cabinet PM Najib.