Saturday, March 26, 2011

DatoT & Anwar Conspiracy

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sarawak Elections, the conspiracy against Anwar continues.

A nation’s dignity is breached and tarnished once again, the most heinous crime is being unleashed to shame a nation, the demonization of Anwar continues, to unashamedly depict to our young, that we are an over obsessed libidinous people, and can go to the lowest level of moral and religiosity to tarnish, humiliate and kill our political opponents. This country is again shocked and horrified to witness another sex fiasco, another conspiracy to dehumanize a national leader, which the people in power ashamedly desire to demolish, and kill him politically once for all.

The ruling oligarchy goes so low to maliciously and repeatedly vindicate a person, tainted and maimed earlier, and unceremoniously send to jail on fabricated charges. This sexual conspiracy which is now being unleashed by these desperados has only one intend, to terminate his standing among his party and his coalition, to induce more political opportunists to jump ship and derail the agenda of the opposition to take over Putra Jaya. For he is the devil incarnate for them, the person who will bring down this corrupt government to their knees and to its obliteration.

Now this guy one Datuk T a ‘baruah’ (despicable henchman) of the child molester, from Malacca  giving an ultimatum to DS Anwar and his wife that they must resign from all post in the party or else he will circulate the recordings. What an atrocious heinous act of a person who is definitely not alone, in demanding and blackmailing the nations Prime Minister in waiting to leave for good.

This Datuk T is one those who can debauch anything for gratifications.DS Anwar has denied it vehemently, citing he was not the person involved in the purported act and has shown he was with his family and party men, and twitting at the particular time this hearsay has supposedly happened. Is it not an offence to posses circulate and display pornographic material in public in Malaysia, or it is only used for those other than BN’s buddies like Ah Lek from Johore. Political blackmailing, persecution and intimidation, are the last desperate attempt to stay in power for this people. What a shameful humiliating action of a party which now claims to the custodian of the Islamic faith, and a world famous moderate Muslim nation.

Carcosa Sri Negara the premier hotel, and not the Chow Kit back lane brothel, is the venue for the screening of this extraordinary pornographic movie, and do you think any Ahmad, Ah Kow, and Samy can organize it there. Invited journalist to the inaugural show, were asked to remove all their recording devices, including their pen, before they were allowed for the show. Some journalist has spotted a few familiar personnel’s there. PM and his cousin Hisham have denied that the police has anything to do with this.

Coming very soon to our Highest Court; a lady who is now in custody in some famous brothel in Bukit Bintang or in Hospital’s like Pusrawi, will be testifying in court that she has not eaten for two days, and not even brushed her tooth, or washed her rancid and putrid private parts until some benevolent concerned politicians rescued her from her predicament, taking her for medical checkup, to take scoop from her mouth and her private parts, for DNA analysis, with some very senior Police officers advising and consoling her. And she will swear on all existing religions, that she is the unlucky women in the video and DS Anwar is her partner.

  Bed sheets, mattress and pillows will be paraded with utmost care and regality like some sacred symbols by our poor Policemen. The Attorney General will be prosecuting for the Government, with one his most important paraphernalia; tissues papers which were used for swiping her private parts during her illicit rendezvous, kept religiously under controlled temperatures in some labs under very strong security.

The Sarawak State assembly is now dissolved, even before the announcement of the date for the election; they have started the campaign to win back the Sarawak State, which is under the ludicrous and corrupt Taib Mahmud, the Pharaoh of the land of the hornbills. BN is now disturbed with some survey result, which has exposed that he will lose badly in this election making BN jittery and panicky. The eroding of his popularity with the Sarawakians and the implication it will have for BN, nesseciates the government’s determination in keeping this demon at all cost, and as a matter of urgency are compelled to kill all the semblance of DS Anwar’s credibility, and to weaken Pakatan Pakyat’s solidarity and misled them from focusing on the election in Sarawak. They have started firing their cannon of treachery, their libelous salvo, and their first political offensive for the election with this sex scandal.

 With millions of money is being splashed on Public Relation firm to prop up the ailing BN. And their brandishing of extreme racialism, to win back the Malays, with the aid of their subsidiary quasi Umno, Perkasa, Perkida and other ultra Malay fascist organizations and the One Malaysia Crab policy to appease the non Malays. And the political feel good feeling unleashed by the Government owned RTM, which follows the despicable Stalinist North Korean regime in their time tested method of hero worshipping their leader, engineering PM Najib as the Great Patriotic Benevolent leader with his accusation against him still unanswered. Even with all these apparatus of the Government, BN still feels it is inadequate to win over Pakatan.

The Main stream media which has become the mouth piece of BN, is working now in high gear; The Star Newspaper another BN’s apologist, setting aside important world affairs like Nuclear threat in Japan, the Libyan turmoil and other important local and foreign news, allocated four of its pages, as if awaiting for this to happen, with a very catchy front page, and publishing the chorus of BN ministers and sundries insinuating on the video affair. The main stream media, Utusan, TV3, RTM is having field day like a Nazi propaganda machine taking cue from the Reich Propaganda Ministry of Joseph Goebbels. Creating their very best misinformation masterpiece, to humiliate DS Anwar.

The Nazi’s failed miserably at last with their enigma, that lies and half truth which are deliberately and continuously propagated will become truth. And the ploy of the desperados to demonize with their perpetuating of scandal after scandal, with Sodomy 1, Sodomy 2 and now this sex fiasco, will only create doubt and indignation about this mischievous allegations. Overdose of lies, will at last evaporate like the dew on a clear morning sun. People cannot be misled forever, and their anger will annihilate this devils.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Malay Bible: Between the devil and the deep blue sea

Umno is now trapped in the quagmire of their own creation. It is juxtaposed between, the image they have created among the Malays, and their myth of continued victory in East Malaysia, their eternal fixed deposit. And the fallacy which they have vehemently expedited, that they are the saviors and defenders of the Islamic faith and Malay race on one side, and their feverish resolve to keep their tainted and corrupted allies in power. Now the dangerous balancing act has already started. They are falling in their own political abyss.

The government after much afterthought and deliberation has finally released the’ detained Malay edition Bible’ with conditions, like stamping for Christians only, and inserting a serial number to appease the Malay voters and hoodwink them that they are invincible and true custodians of Islam, and by this action they are and not conceding defeat. You need not be a rocket scientist to read between the lines and to know the truth. The Sarawak election is just around the corner and the White Haired Emperor of Sarawak is now counting his days in his throne, surely in the last twilight period of his royal splendor.

Mufti of Perak is up in arms against the government that the holy book should not be released at all, simply because it will create uneasiness and confusion among Muslims. He is very worried that the first things the Muslims will do is to convert en mess to Christianity, when they are in procession of the Malay Bible, that’s the message from this infamous mufti, insulting Islam and their adherents to be very week in their faith and challenging the intelligence of the Malays and their iman.

 Abim has also shown their contempt for the same reason and fervently imploring that the government must maintain the status qua at all cost. The National Ulama council has been cautious and still maintaining that the holy book should not been released. And Perkasa and other subsidiary organization of UMNO are only waiting for instructions to execute damage control and safe the situation for Umno. These are the aftershock reaction we are witnessing after the earthquake of the Bible debacle. Reactions which Umno dare not dream to witness.

 Umno failed miserably to forge a marriage of convenience with Pas, to break Pakatan’s coalition. And now are aggressively expounding the ethno religious bandwagon of Malay –Islam credentials as the chosen people to lead, them with the chauvinistic fascist slogan to ‘protect race, religion and country’ for their political expediency. Now Pas is portraying them as inclusive liberal and moderate Muslim, taking up issues of the non Muslims without sacrificing their theological identity. Thanks to Umno. Now PAS is the beacon of hope for this country for religious tolerance and goodwill.

 Their veiled support for the opposition for the Judgment on the Allah’s usage among the non Muslims, when churches were set ablaze, demonstrations were carried out with the police standing as innocent bystanders. This blatant disregard to rule of law and the highly prejudiced action by the government in not proceeding with appropriate action in safeguarding the legitimate rights of the non Muslims in practicing their religion of their choice, made a mockery of the system of government which is supposed to be impartial to the needs of the multi ethnic religious population. This action of BN has already eroded their support base in Sarawak, as the Sibu by election revealed.

Whatever the decision Umno has made, they have now being stripped naked, exposing their wickedness, helplessness and their perfidious dual acting, and is now tearing their mask of debauchery. They have created doubts among the East Malaysians Christians, whether this action of releasing the Malay edition Bible is just a stop gap, electoral gimmick to help Taib Mahmud, or rather a sincere effort in safeguarding the legitimate rights of their religion. And the Malay voters would now be able gauge the sincerity of Umno regarding their ‘sacrilegious’ decision of releasing the Malay Bible and betraying them, which they have engineered.

Their image building of Umno as the vanguard and the protectors of ethnic and religious, and the purported saviors of their race, has now being questioned by the people who have trusted  and mislaid by them. Hope they will realize that all the sloganeering of race is not for the interest of masses but for the continued plunder of the richness of the country to enrich a small circle of Umnoputras, keeping the majority Malays poor and miserable.

So Umno is now holding a double edge sword, which will hurt them both ways. They are now between the devil and the deep blue sea. Deceit and treachery cannot be forever promulgated to undermine the people’s legitimate feelings. And a party which has its foundation on racial hegemony, corruption and mismanagement, cannot forever gag, subjugate and facilitate to have its two third majorities in Parliament or rule the nation eternally.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Khalil Gibran - Give me the nay

I have always observed that to most of us, being religious is more important than embracing the spiritual aspect of our faith. Being religious after all only entails ritualistic observance of whatever is decreed by our faith.

And so, the Muslims fast and we pray and we pay zakat. And the Christians would go to the church on Sundays and wear a necklace with a cross pendant. The Hindus would swim in Ganges river and break coconuts in the morning before going to work. And so on and so forth

What our faith brings us is the least of our concern. What our ritualistic observance turns us into does not matter. As long as we perform the rituals religiously, we are after all, religious. And God asks us to be religious.
Or does He?

I have always related this story to my friends. And I am going to tell it here. And let me preface it with a statement. I am not telling this story to insult or to belittle Christianity or Christians.
I used to live near one of the most active churches - if not THE most active and wealthy - in Kuala Lumpur. I have no qualm with that. That church was very active. They organised speeches and sermons almost every other night. The church goers were known to donate up to 15% of their monthly income to that church. And every time they did that, the place would be full of cars, parked everywhere.

Many drivers of the cars would try and make a 3 point turn in front of my house. That was okay by me. But out of 10, 1 or 2 would invariably knock on my gate. Of course it was unintentional. My gate lock would be bent. I had to repair that lock many times. And then the next week it would happen again.
In all the 6 years I was there, this happened many many times. However, there wasn't a single person who had stopped to ring my bell to say sorry. Nor anyone who left a note to say so. It was a small matter to me. And it was not a big deal to me.

But the thing that bothered me was this. It would appear that all the nightly sermons and speeches and all the monthly donations had done nothing to improve common courtesy among all those who had knocked my gate. And sometimes I pondered have we all ever thought what all this religiosity had done to us? Has it made us any better? 

And now, at the current moment in this country, we have people who shout and scream about jihad this and jihad that. About caning a woman. About shutting up people who dare to question. About throwing the Sedition Act against some parties who are just raising awareness. What has happened to all of us? To our faith? Is our faith just about ritualistic observance of some rules and regulations? 

Sometime I think we are living in a very unforgiving society. Do we blame teenaged girls for abandoning their babies in a drain at the back of a school? Or even killing their babies? In a moment of lust, they could have succumbed to human temptation and they are pregnant.

What do they do? Tell their pious father and mother about it? What would happen? They would be chased away from home? Or caned? Or even kicked and ridiculed by the whole neighborhood? Nowhere they could go without being talked about or whispered about. Oh she is so immoral! Look at her. That young immoral slut! And what will happen to the baby when he or she is born? Bastard child! Anak haram. That's what he or she is. He or she can't even have his or her father's name on his or her birth certificate. That is how unforgiving all of us are. How cruel we are. How nasty we are.

And what choice is left for the teenaged girl other than to hide the pregnancy and suffer alone. And what could she do to avoid the ignominy of being stamped "immoral and unwanted"? Are we surprised then to see so many babies are abandoned or even killed? Does our faith implore us to be such creatures?
How often do we pray for forgiveness when in fact we are unable to forgive? Why do we seek compassion when we ourselves are unable to be compassionate? Have we ever ever prayed for love? Why would we seek mercy when we are, as human beings, merciless?

Take the Palestinian issue. When the Israelis were bombing Palestine some time ago, there were text messages and e mails going around asking Muslims to pray for the destruction of Israel. And for the Jews be killed. We shed tears when we see a Palestinian mother wailing away holding her dead toddler covered with blood on the face in front of a crumbled house. And then we pray for all Jews to be killed. How about the innocent ones? How about their children? Do we laugh and smirk in satisfaction if we look at a picture of a Jewish mother wailing while holding her dead toddler? Is that okay just because that child is Jewish? Where do we go from here? 

Has our faith taught us to be heartless, cruel, cold and vicious? The God that we worship and pray to is the Most Compassionate and Merciful. And yet we, His followers are the exact opposite.
What has happened to justice and fairness? Why is it wrong has become right and right has become wrong? Has our faith taught us to forgive some and punish others? Or has our God blinded us because He is tired of our antics?

Perhaps, when Kahlil Gibran wrote "Give me the Nay", he was referring to us in Malaysia now. Perhaps he had a vision of what was going to happen here now. And he wrote:

"With man, religion is a field
Tilled only by those who sow it with selfish
prayers –
whether preachers hoping for eternal happiness
or ignorant men who fear the flames of hell.
Without the penalty of Judgement
Man would not have worshipped any Lord
And without the promise of reward he would
have blasphemed,
as though religion were a business matter
devotion to its cause will bring him gain;
neglect, loss.

In the forest there is no religion,
no hideous blasphemies;
for when the nightingale sings
he is not saying: ‘This is just.’
The religion of man appears
like a shadow, then disappears.
After God and the Messiah
there is no religion on earth.

Give me the nay and sing,
for song is the pearl of prayers;
the laments of the nay will reach
far beyond the fading of Life.

If they heard talk of it, justice on earth would
make the jinn weep;
and if they could see it, the dead would laugh.
For those who commit a misdemeanour are
reserved prison and death;
and those who commit great crimes earn
prosperity and fame.
The man who steals the flower is censured and
while he who robs the fields is a daring and
fearsome hero.
He who murders the body is condemned to
while he who murders the soul remains
unknown to all.

In the forest there is no justice,
nor even punishment.
When the willow’s shade lengthens over the ground,
the cypress does not say: ‘What sacrilege!’
The justice of man is like snow –
once the sun sees it, it melts.

Give me the nay and sing,
For song is the justice of hearts;
the laments of the nay will endure
far beyond the ending of sin."

With Thanks Prof.ART Harun

Der House doctor: blatant or political liar?


When Dr. Mahathir said those lines, I nearly fell off the chair. Not because, the Malay categorization of such a fellow is a Mamak or and Indian Muslim, but because of the admission of political chameleon-ness of the person. 

Because of that, we can now reconcile such an admission with one particular categorization of Dr Mahathir – that of a political liar. To re affirm his brand of politics, Dr Mahathir is willing to not tell the truth. His memoir contains not hard truths but fabricated deceits. All in furtherance of his politics. Musa Hitam wasn't the political animal after all. It's Mahathir. All the time.

Only Dr Mahathir has the absolute discretion to tell his version of things. He and his version is the ultimate measure. Many of us are just blinded by the fact that over 22 years when he lorded over us, Malaysia is rushed into the 21st century ignoring the immeasurable costs to this country and to Malays in particular.
If I were to accept another categorization of Dr Mahathir as a blatant liar, that would induce a different feeling. At least describing Dr Mahathir as a political liar suggests that essentially Dr Mahathir may still be a good person, but he assumes a certain character when his Machiavellian instincts overwhelm him. Tengku Razaleigh is ever so polite

On the other hand, to describe Mahathir as a blatant liar suggests a deeper natural characteristic of the man. In other words Mahathir is a born liar. So you pick your choice- Mahathir the political liar or Mahathir a natural liar. 

How can we ever argue with this kind of man? Here is an example of a man who can contain two extremes and two opposites simultaneously. So how? Mahathir is bye-ethnic? Others are hmm…..bye-sexual? When Mahathir cannot be Malay he says bye-as in when one cannot get sex, he says bye?
Arguing or opposing such a man would only end in the annihilation of one party- namely us. Consider this. When UMNO does not agree with him, he forms an UMNO Baru! UMNO- Under Mahathir Never Oppose.
Then, just look at the list of the vanquished in the hands of Dr. Mahathir. Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah because of the man's absolute sense of propriety and protocol when Dr Mahathir has none; Musa bin Hitam because of Musa's insistence on stable principles when Dr Mahathir has only preferences for expedience; Ghafar Baba because of Ghafar's trusting nature and old school innocence facing off with Dr Mahathir's you-are-valued-as-long- as-you are useful to me and un-conventionalism; and Anwar Ibrahim because of the man's dirty morals(?) when Mahathir is artificially clinical.

Mahathir runs a political clinic then. He is a house doctor anyway-dispensing panadol and aspirin to relieve heart problems. Finally there was the bungling Tun Dol who immediately said yes I am ready to be your deputy when asked, when actually what Mahathir was looking was, a pliant tool.
So the victor writes his own history. 

I have described him as the only man in Malaysia who can walk on water. That, as testament for his ability to do impossible things. But I think this description of himself beats everything else. Here is a person who can hold two opposites simultaneously. You can only term such a person as slippery. Anwar calls him a blatant liar. Tengku Razaleigh calls him a political liar. Can you beat such a slippery person? Now a slippery person can pick and choose which part of his own story that he wishes to amplify. 

Dr Mahathir reminded me of Winston Churchill. We are all worms, but I am a glow worm. Everything else pales in comparison to him.
This could be the mystery sentence of the decade. It's spoken by the doctor in the house. He has just come out with his memoir after an 8 year wait. Unfortunately it appears to be extraordinary more in terms of the author's vindictiveness on his political rivals. As they say- history is written by the victor. Thus far, Dr Mahathir is the victor and he intends to tell the story as he sees it.

A memoir is what it is- a very personalized and heavily nuanced version of history. In the case of a memoir or autobiography- a personalized and heavily nuanced version of HIS legacy and a selective recollection of aspects of history. 

It's easy to rebut what Dr Mahathir says- in diplomat-speake- we can always politely say, what Dr Mahathir says do not seem to tally with the records we have. For example, during that crucial Friday Prayer break, it was Mahathir's storm troopers who went on a spending spree paying delegates. He just couldn't believe that his larger number of nominations couldn't translate into votes.

But Mahathir said it was done by Razaleigh's people. So we say to Mahathir, what you say do not seem to match the notes we have. That is the only form of counter argument one can adduce against a personalized and nuanced version of history. He begun money politics he says it's done by others. He begun the politics of internal discord, he says others started it. 

The question is- can you trust a person who is congenitally intractable? He wants Malaysians to accept history as it is written by him. He is pig-headed in his version of history. Can you hold on to anything he says if he doesn't see anything wrong in I have Indian blood but I am Malay. My Indian Muslim friends were rolling on the floor laughing out loud.

Rather than use this memoir as an opportunity to set the record straight, the memoir is used to bolster his one track views on many things. Mahathir is more eager to leave behind, a cleaned-up operation. Mostly the trails he left behind.

He says he was disappointed that Daim did not defend himself against accusations of graft- how could Daim if his defense will have to reveal that Mahathir, the one-time doctor who was not a wealthy person when he travelled frequently from Alor Star to KL, became the subject of insidious whispers of now being a fabulously wealthy man? Daim cannot defend possibly because Mahathir was also linked to the accusations? So Daim has to keep mum. Daim will have to bring down the house made of cards. 

Mahathir is eager to leave a sanitized legacy perhaps because he is actually scared some people may piss on his grave. So he must give the world a sterilized version of his-story.

Thanks Dato Sabri
Sakmongkol Ak 47 

Friday, March 11, 2011

Religious tolerance and pluralism

Not only we should allow the BM Bible, we should encourage it to be read in the National Language. Similarly for Hindu Text, D Dhamma & Quran too. We should also encourage each other's religious teachings be shared in mosques, churches & temples. EG - Will it not be great to get a Buddhist monk to share d logic & beauty of d Buddha in churches, Hindu inclusiveness in mosques or Islam's egalitarian values in temples?

This is a thought provoking brave posting of brother Anas Zubedy on the face book on the 10th March 2011. This article is the fruit of that inspiration. After just reading that thirty five thousand Bible of the Malay version has been confiscated since 2009,and the continued harassment of minority Christian population of East Malaysia; this melancholy and lamentation is not because I am an adherent of the Christian faith. I am a secular humanist and not a follower of any religion, but I do not have any contempt with god or with their myriad of his believers.

My intention is not the despising of religion and religionist, but the mockery in the relentless promulgation of hatred and ethno religious superiority cultism they envisage, it smacks of raw fascism. All the great teachings emphasized in their religious texts are misinterpreted and an enigma of ‘Thy is the best and Thou is worst’ paradigm is unleashed. The government now competes with the religious extremist entities which has regenerated them, into the exponent of religious bigotry and fanaticism sacrificing the nation’s well being in the altar of their political expediency. 


I was working in Langkawi in early eighties staying in a remote village, working for a contractor doing some infrastructure work. I will be attending my Malay friends akad nikah, funerals, circumcisions ceremonies and pre Haj pilgrimage kenduris (feast) and etc, they were  always  welcoming me as one of them, never differentiating the color of skin my language or the religion I follow, and sharing their joy and sorrow with me in their villages. Always showered with friendship and love, as I was just married, we were given beras baru (newly harvested padi) after every harvest from the farmers, and with a lot of ‘ikan talang masin’ (dried fish) from fisherman folks. After six years we left the place and returned to mainland with damp eyes. All this good things changed gradually sank into religious quagmire.

I like relate to a events which happend five years ago when we went to attend lunch in a friend’s house in Alor Star; when we reach his house, my host was waiting outside his for us, his neighbor two young kids who are four five’s old started shouting to the parents in their house,” emak anak hindu pariah mai mak”. Instantly shocking, my host a devout Muslim, a person who has completed his Haj Pilgrimage and man of faith, blush with embarrassment and sadness, feeling hurt that his guest has been insulted. The whole lunch was intercepted by his profound apology for incident not of his making. We left undeterred by the insult of the kids but felt deeply hurt for the melancholy of a good Muslim friend of us. 

This is an example how a country which prided itself with its diversity, and now, how it is transformed  when hatred is disseminated as a national policy and when racial superiority is envisaged by the government to mislead the people to accept some political fallacy to prolong the rule of their plunder. But with all this happenings there is still a consolation. The revolution which has erupted on the banks of the Great Nile River, the cradle of civilization, which united the masses against the despotic regime, which abused the instrument of religion to segregate and disunite the people, has been dismantled. The fear of the people has been defeated, now the rage continues, likely to reach the Euphrates, the Indus and might sooner or later reach our shores in the Straits of Malacca to bring some positive changes.

All great positive things and miracles have happened, by thoughts of people who dare to think differently: this spark of goodness will ignite to become a conflagration to extinguish the heresy and the evolving of a better tomorrow.
Thank You Brother Zubedy. I still believe in the miracle of the next second.