Thursday, December 27, 2012

People POwer vs The Tyrany of status Quo

The PM likes to thump his chest to say he is PM to all.  He will say that whenever he is away from the UMNO crowd. When he is among the brethren, he will sound the most xenophobic of all Malays. he is the same person now as he was when he unleashed the Kris to say, this will bathe in Chinese blood. So why should Chinese, Christians and non-Christians even want to believe him? Can you believe a PM who even debases himself to declare officially open a public toilet?
He is the same person, who says we will defend what is ours to the last drop of his blood. The PMship, the government, the seat at Putrajaya do not belong to him. They belong to the rakyat.
A PM of the people does not go around saying, you help me, I help you. A PM of the people helps those around him because it is his duty, he is duty-bound and he helps because he can. He does not help because he expects some reciprocity not even the utterance of thank you. If he does and demand that, then we have an insincere and untrustworthy PM. This kind of PM deserves only our rejection.
Everyone else if he/she becomes PM, is PM for all. That kind of declaration isn’t Najib’s to monopolize. If Anwar becomes PM, he is PM of all. if Tengku Razaleigh is PM, he is PM to all. anyone who is PM is PM for all.
Will the rakyat vote for him and his party? On vote for UMNO means a vote and endorsement for continued corruption, extending misrule and unaccountability, belaboring under discretionary rule. A vote for UMNO means continued pillage and plunder of our economy. A vote for UMNO means a vote for dictatorship and a concentration of power in the hands of one person. One vote for UMNO means you are giving a license for Rosmah Mansor to shop until our treasury coffers is empty.
Malays are better off not voting UMNO. Because the present UMNO is not the old UMNO which speaks on behalf of the Malays.  Since 1987 when the old UMNO was destroyed, the new UMNO is but an extension of the PM. The office of the PM represents the tyranny and power of the PM’s office.
When old UMNO ceased to exist because it was declared to be unlawful and illegal, the leader of the party ceased to coexist too. The whole, which was BN should be have also been declared illegal and unlawful too since its biggest component was illegal and unlawful. How can a whole continue to exist and stay alive when it has stage-4 cancer? How, could BN exist lawfully for that brief time in 1987, when its main component was declared unlawful? It had to take on the same stature and be unlawful too.
But Mahathir took advantage of the situation. He refused to revive the old UMNO and instead made use of BN to appoint him as leader of BN and got appointed as PM. He was for that brief time  persona non grata- he was not leader of the biggest party commanding the majority support of members in Parliament. Maybe the legal experts will have to relook as this sordid episode in our political history brought about by Mahathir. Did BN have legal status when it convened to appoint party-less Mahathir as BN chairman and PM?
Since then, all UMNO presidents who go on to become PM speak on behalf of 3.2 million members not on behalf of Malays. Mahathir and successive UMNO presidents go on to make UMNO the spokesman for 3.2 million members. UMNO no longer represents the voice of the Malay rakyat but a spokesman for the interest of powerful cliques within its 3 million members.
The BN people are also better off not voting UMNO. The BN has over 7 million members. UMNO members are 3.2 million strong. Therefore non UMNO BN members account for 3.8 million. There are more of you and less of them. Malays are not going to vote for UMNO. If Malays reject UMNO, why should non-Malays support UMNO?
In 2008- UMNO candidates got only 2 million Malay votes. 3.7 million Malay voters including 1.2 million UMNO members did not support UMNO candidates. Because Malays already knew back then, New UMNO speaks on behalf of selected cliques within UMNO. Malays have already realized there were more of them and less of Malays in UMNO. The Malays have already learnt to be assertive. Non Malays need to learn from Malays in this respect. There are more of you and less of UMNO in BN. you go away, UMNO will die.
Where do they want to get support from? They can’t even get full support from its 3.2 million members. More Malays are already decided on rejecting UMNO. Non Malay citizens can’t be less discerning or less clever than Malays in this aspect. The best thing is for all of you to withdraw support from the UMNO bully and throw your weight and ride on the crest of the waves.
The next political tsunami is inevitable. On whose side do you stand?