Saturday, March 24, 2012



The premise of this essay is based on five simple truths, that:
  • There is no agenda, covert (hidden) or overt (open), among Malaysian Chinese, Indians and Others, or CIA sponsored or Zionist or other foreign "agent provocateurs" to "rob" Malaysian Malays of their political or other powers or "price" then out of "their land" in places like Penang or anywhere.
  • That legitimate criticisms by any citizen of the excesses of our Government, especially where it concerns billion dollar financial scandals, are NOT attacks on, or "bashing" of, Malaysian Malays.
  • That loss of political power of BUMNO/BN is NOT tantamount to loss of political, economic or social power of Malaysian Malays.
  • What is fatal to BUMNO/BN is not necessarily fatal to Malaysia as a whole.
  • No Malaysian is against the provisions of Article 153 which does not supercede the main provisions in our Constitution as regards equality of citizens. Article 153 lays the foundation for affirmative action, provided it is applied fairly, not indiscriminately, in favour of those indigenous peoples of Malaysia (yes, it includes Sarawak and Sabah) in need, determined by their poor economic circumstances, not crony connections of the elite few.
In 1969, at the height of the riots in Kuala Lumpur, my Malay neighbours in Pasar Road were evacuated to the safety of the army camp in Gurney Road. Shortly before they got on to the army truck, my immediate neighbour's parents handed over to mine, a small portable safe containing jewellery, cash and documents. This, my parents returned to them intact, upon their return from the army camp a fortnight later. Whenever my family left for long outstation trips, we would leave one set of our house keys with out Malay neighbour. Such was the implicit warm friendship and trust between our peoples then. This was no one-off case or exception of the few in the Malaysia of the '60's and '70's. The 1969 riots, mainly in KL and Ipoh, and minor ones in Seremban and Penang did not split a nation asunder.

Where and how did we go wrong? I have consistently and repeatedly laid all blame at the foot of Maha Firaun who promoted polarization with such vengeance and overzealousness as never before seen in Malaysia.

Today, about 85% of our Government offices, schools, universities and colleges, army, navy, air-force, judiciary etc., and Govern Linked Companies, are staffed by Malaysian Malays. So, it is only natural that when we criticise Government, chances are that overwhelmingly, by the law of averages, our comments will strike a Malay. That cannot and must not be exaggerated as hurling venomous racial slurs and and vicious hateful epithers. It is not the Malay per se we strike at, but at the faceless administration, and especially its top leadership, when huge inefficiencies and billion dollar corruption scandals explode week after week, month after month, year after year! But, shameless pro-BUMNO bloggers and politicians deliberately misinterpret these criticisms to fan the flames of racial hatred.

BUMNO/BN finds itself unable to withstand or halt the march of DAP, PKR and PAS as a united Pakatan. So, they have embarked on a vindictive and racist campaign of demonising DAP by branding them:
  • Anti-Malay and anti-Malay culture and language
  • Anti-Islam
  • Anti-Federal Constitution especially with regard to Article 153
  • Anti-Monarchy and therefore pro-Republic
  • Pro-colonisation of Malaysia by China and therefore pro-vassal territory of Singapore
Now ask yourself, which party has its membership open to all Malaysians, without restriction on colour, creed or caste? A:BUMNO/BN B: DAP C: PKR.

Which party has as its Chairman, a person NOT selected by racial considerations? A:BUMNO/BN 

It is clear that PM Najib, BUMNO BN and Perkasa have run out of  legitimate reasons to ask anyone to vote them into office for another term. Only masochists and sadists will allow them to further plunder our coffers and ruin and bankrupt our nation. 

So, in tandem with unprincipled Buntutsan and other mainstream media, much of it owned by BUMNO/BN, and with sniper-precision pot-shots by the man who set us all on the path of ruin, Maha Firaun, aided and abetted by the right-wing Perkasa and Ibrahim Ali (who funds them?) they hope to persuade, but more pointedly, coerce, us into voting for them.

It is equally clear that these scurrilous and dangerous political strategies have been deliberately and knowingly crafted, sanctioned and directed by those at the highest level in BUMNO/BN which includes Prime Minister Najib and Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin. They want to stay in power regardless of performance.

Make no mistake. We judge them by performance. No more, no less. They shall survive or perish by dint of performance. No more, no less.

Their 1 Malaysia boast, a fraudulent and hypocritical concept, is in tatters because, right from its inception, it was not all inclusive. The Ketuanan (Lords of the Land) racist concept bolstered by taxpayer fleeced Biro Tata Negara (BTN) brainwashing seminars is still being promoted. Muhyiddin pronounced 1 Malaysia's funeral rights by announcing to the world " I am Malay first" which scuppered any notions of equal citizenship and nationality at the ruling party level. PM Najib did not demand an explanation from Muhyiddin or sack him.

This talk of, by of all people a prime minister of a country, that "we are at war" and "Putrajaya will be defended with crushed bodies" is the talk of cowardly, craven schoolboy playground mentality. We all know that this is the talk of empty vessels. We all know that those who show they wish to rule by fear must be distrusted and never given position in any government office.

As admitted by Maha Firaun himself, today, the Malay vote in Malaysia is split 3 ways, among BUMNO, PKR and PAS. Kelantan and Kedah are administered by a PAS MB, Selangor by PKR's Khalid Ibrahim, Penang by DAP's Lim Guan Eng, Sarawak by Taib of PBB/BN and Sabah by BUMNO's Musa Aman and the rest by UMNO's Malay Chief Ministers. Following Perak's fall to Pakatan at GE 2008, Nizar Jamaluddin of PAS was appointed Chief Minister. In true racist and reprehensible fashion, Maha Firaun branded Nizar as 'dikudakan" i.e. as a DAP Chinese puppet being led by its nose.

So, it's now clear how desperate BUMNO/BN are and why increasingly they are being talked about in the same breath as Hitler and the Nazi Party. The Malay votes that BUMNO/BN loses will go substantially to PKR and PAS. So, where and how will it translate as the loss of Malay political, economic or social power? 

Oh, fucking sure, thank God, it will translate as loss of BUMNO/BN loss of political, economic and social power and influence; maybe even its complete demise. Again we rail and condemn NOT against BUMNO/BN per se or against its rank and file, but the few at the top who have have steered them to the precipice with one disastrous racist and bigoted religious policy after another, and utter corruption epidemic at its core.

The fall and demise of BUMNO/BN will decidedly NOT be a fate worse than death. If fact, that's precisely the enema and catharsis it need; a good jackboot up its arse. In Japan, and elsewhere across the globe, regimes that thought they had the right to rule in perpetuity, have in recent years and months, bitten the dust. Is this the end of Japan, Morocco and Egypt? Not by your Birkin handbag's strap, it isn't! The world and universe has built into its fabric a degree of resilience that no round-faced balding would-be dictator attempting a naked grab for power can possibly make a serious dent in.

So, my fellow Malaysians:

  • Forget Race and religion. Forget Malay, Indian, Chinese and Others. This is a red-herring promoted by BUMNO/BN for over 30 years.
  • There are sufficient provisions in the Federal Constitution to protect everyone's interests, provided we have the right leaders.
  • No way will Malay rights in Malaysia be weakened or threatened by voting out a once-exalted political leadership that has now evolved and mutated into a rogue Nazi plundering regime.
  • Vote with your head, not your feet.
  • Vote out the crooks, thieves, rapists, looters and plunderers. They are your true enemies. How do we identify and recognise them? When they throw $80,000 birthday parties, hold $1 million engagement parties for their daughters, award $2 billion and $7 billion inflated toll highway contracts to companies headed by their cronies, ex-Government lawyers and wives of ex-CJ's, pay $540 million gaji-buta (sinecure) commission for submarines and deny it, award $6 billion contracts that within a month bloat to $9 billion for patrol boats, piratise profitable state-owned enterprises for a song to the elite and cronies and socialise losses, and more, all at the Taxpayer's expense, there they are!
So, Syeditious Ali, Big Dog, Unspinners, Parpukari and others who rave and rant that the Malaysian Malay will be wiped out. You know who you are. Eat your heart out, babes. Even RPK whose reading of the situation is myopic. Malaysians are not stupid; not by a long measure.

Do remember and have not the slightest doubt: We Are All Of One Race, The Human Race!

Donplaypuks® with Malaya, Indians, Chinese and Others, you racist and religious bigoted men and women. You know who you are!