Friday, April 22, 2011

The Gospel According to Barisan National

The failure of BN to defend the rights of religious minorities to use the word "Allah" is a failure to defend the Constitution.

One of the biggest imbeciles Malaysians have had to deal with is a person called Nazri Aziz. As a Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department for Law & Parliamentary Affairs, Nazri has outdone almost every other individual in the Dewan Rakyat when it comes to lodging ones head into one’s own anus.
It’s quite a surprise when people refer to this charlatan as a "Minister of Law" or a "former lawyer". He displays none of the qualities required for the two. This man has single handedly been responsible for perverting the Constitution, misstating the law and duping the public with his erroneous and reckless statements.
Another member of Nazri’s entourage is a moron named Hishammuddin Hussein who very unfortunately is currently Malaysia’s Home Minister. He too is a "former lawyer" but judging from his antics — waving a Keris and promoting racism and defending acts intended to incite racial/religious violence — this man clearly lacks a functioning brain and should volunteer himself to be sterilized.
Hishamuddin’s predecessor, Syed Hamid Albar, a bona fide jackass of the highest order, is the man responsible for the Allah saga. He has now been removed from Cabinet and is probably kept in cold storage in some dysfunctional "Suruhanjaya" or "Badan" or "Lembaga" that the Barisan Nasional is famous for concocting.
If there’s anything Barisan Nasional has been good at, it is its remarkable ability to churn out mediocre, embarrassing and useless leaders, almost all the time.

The Constitution
Now, what does Nazri say on the use of the word "Allah" by Christians?
Nazri has repeatedly stressed and has as recently as March 16th 2011 reiterated that there are State laws within various States in Malaysia that restrict the use of the word "Allah" by non-Muslims. One such example would be section 9 of the Enakmen Ugama Bukan Islam (Kawalan Pengembangan Di Kalangan Orang Islam) 1988.
This is a flawed statement. A simple reading of the Constitution shows that Nazri either doesn’t understand English or has succumbed to the pressures of those who desire to turn Malaysia into a theocratic state — to subjugate the rights of religious minorities.
Article 11(4) of the Constitution reads:
State law… may control or restrict the propagation of any religious doctrine or belief among persons professing the religion of Islam.
There you have it. That is all there is to it. The restriction only applies insofar as it affects Muslims.
In fact, so clear and obvious is this that even the Enactments that Nazri keeps braying about expressly quotes the above in the introduction/preamble.
Therefore, non-Muslims are only not to use the word "Allah" when explaining or detailing their religion to Muslims, not when propagating their religion to other non-Muslims or practising their religion among themselves.
That there is the end of the entire Allah debate!
All non-Muslims are free to use the word "Allah" among themselves.
Hence, Nazri is wrong and should resign from his post as "Minister of Law".
You can debate all you want about Bible translations, theology, hurt feelings, etc. Ultimately, this is what the Malaysian Constitution and the State laws promulgated under it says. This is here to stay and most importantly, this is what the founders of this nation wanted.

The Proportionate Response
Now, it would amount to a crime for a non-Muslim to actively propagate his religion to people whom he knows to be Muslims but it would NOT be a crime for a knowledge-seeking Muslim to purchase, in his own volition, and read a piece of non-Muslim literature.
The greatest fear is still: How do we ensure that non-Muslim materials are not being given to Muslims for purposes of propagation?
Simple. All the Government needs to do is to ensure that the publishers and retailers of such materials make it clear that it is "Not for Propagation to Muslims" and perhaps, that sales of the materials be confined to the grounds of religious houses of worship and religious bookstores.
The above response, had the Government taken it, would’ve been reasonable, proportionate and respectful of constitutional rights. It would’ve also achieved its objective under Article 11(4). Nothing more needs to be done.
But of course, the decision taken by the Minister of Home Affairs against the Herald wasn’t really a decision based on political considerations. It was ultimately a religious decision which amounted to religious oppression i.e. imposing a particular religion on non-believers.
The then Minister of Home Affairs (Syed Hamid Albar) stated in his affidavit in Court:-
"Larangan yang dikenakan adalah kepada penggunaan kalimah ‘Allah’ di dalam penerbitan majalah tersebut kerana kalimah ‘Allah’ secara nyatanya adalah merujuk kepada Tuhan Yang Satu bagi penganut agama Islam sebagaimana termaktub di dalam Al-Quran iaitu dalam surah Al-Ikhlas"
(I have paraphrased the above as I believe the version quoted in the judgment contains grammatical errors).
And later:
"…kalimah Allah adalah nama khas bagi Tuhan Yang Maha Esa bagi penganut agama Islam dan ini jelas termaktub di dalam Al-Quran dan dimartabatkan di dalam Perlembagaan Persekutuan."
What nonsense!
Underlying both reasons is a noxious undertone: "My Religion says this, and you must follow it!"
This is extremely dangerous. The Minister has blurred the line between Government and Religion; a Minister of the Federal Government is telling you how to conduct your religious affairs and he is using "Islam" as a justification to do so. This is imposition of beliefs by Government and it is against the Constitution.
The reasons above also prove that the Minister is a bigot and that he and his clearly idiotic subordinates need a lesson on religious pluralism and constitutionalism.
And this is why we need to secure Secularism and secure it quick; so that ALL religions, thoughts and beliefs are given space to breathe, to grow and to develop so that Man may find his Truth — so that He may live in peace and harmony.

Why all of a sudden?
A common question among socially unconscious Muslims is the question as to why is there a sudden overnight need by the Christians to use the word "Allah"?
The use of the word "Allah" in this part of the world was not undertaken overnight or single-handedly by Christians. The use has been documented for centuries. I merely need to refer to the affidavit by the Catholic church:-
(iv) The word "God" has been translated as "Allah" in the Istilah Agama Kristian Bahasa Inggeris ke Bahasa Malaysia first published by the Catholic Bishops Conference of Malaysia in 1989;
(v) The Malay-Latin dictionary published in 1631 had translated "Deus" (the Latin word for God) as "Alia" as the Malay translation (exh. MP27);
(vii) In Bahasa Malaysia and Bahasa Indonesia, the word "Allah" has been used continuously in the printed edition of the Matthew’s Gospel in Malay in 1629, in the first complete Malay Bible in 1733 and in the second complete Malay Bible in 1879 until today in the perjanjian baru and the Alkitab;
(viii) Munshi Abdullah who is considered the father of modern Malay literature had translated the Gospels into Malay in 1852 and he translated the word "God" as "Allah";
(ix) There was already a Bible translated into Bahasa Melayu in existence before 1957 which translation was carried out by the British and Foreign Bible Society where the word "Allah" was used (exh. MP28);
(x) There was also already in existence a prayer book published in Singapore on 3 January 1905 where the word "Allah" was used (exh. MP29);
(xi) There was also a publication entitled An Abridgment of the Christian Doctrine published in 1895 where the word "Allah" was used (exh. MP30);
(xii) Another publication entitled Hikajat Elkaniset published in 1874 also contains the word "Allah" (exh. MP31)
(xv) At least for the last three decades the Bahasa Malaysia congregation of the Catholic Church have been freely using the Alkitab, the Bahasa Indonesia translation of the Holy Bible wherein the word "Allah" appears
Much ado about Nothing
Over the months, I have heard numerous views forwarded for and against the usage of the word "Allah" by the Catholic church. One argument continually shines bright but in fact means Nothing.
It is the emotional plea that Christians should stop using the name "Allah" so as not to offend feelings or sensitivities. This is in fact barely an argument and is utterly immature. Our ability to communicate would be rendered illusory if we constantly had to keep tabs of who we might be offending.
If you feel offended because something conflicts with your beliefs, my advise to you is: grow up and realise that the world is bigger than you and your beliefs.
We will never grow as a Nation if we cower to the childish displays of those purported to be offended or instructed by their political masters to be offended. The claims of those "offended" have no basis, rationality or reason and should never be respected.
If any feelings have indeed been offended, it certainly must’ve been the feelings of the Christians; to be told overnight that you can no longer pray to and worship Allah is pure heresy. It is arbitrary Government intervention into the affairs of a Religious group and it must never be tolerated!

To be Christ-like
Jesus had a very captivating philosophy that seems to have transcended the spirit of his time and place. The man himself was courageous and honourable.
For a man who seems to have undergone one of the most horrific backstabs in history, an arbitrary arrest, detention without trial, degrading treatment which included people insulting him, slapping him, scourging him to a bloody pulp, forced labour and eventually a slow and painful murder, he stayed true to his words — if an enemy strikes you on one cheek, offer him the other. He never complained that his feelings were hurt or that he was offended. He never objected, never even said a word. Lived by his message.
During the entire "Allah" saga, particularly in the period after the Court’s decision when some 11 churches were either firebombed or vandalized, I must say that my admiration for the Christians of Malaysia grew exponentially for they clearly practiced what they preached.
The Christians of Malaysia stood firmly by what Jesus himself said: "…love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you." That they certainly did. No Christian ever retaliated. Not one mosque or surau was attacked by a Christian. No Christian leader in Malaysia ever preached for hatred or bloodshed.
The Christians of Malaysia are the real heroes during this "Allah" saga. At all times, they are humble, sincere and forgiving. They embody the qualities all Malaysians should learn to inculcate in their lives.
And I say all of this as someone who isn’t a Christian.

A Secular State
I don’t believe in Allah. I never will. But I do believe in Religious Freedom for all. I believe that all men have the right to profess and practise their religion. It is a right inherent to all human beings by the sheer fact that they are human. In Malaysia, they are free to propagate their religion to all but they can be restricted in their propagation to Muslims. It is, however, not barred for a Muslim to hold a Bible, Gita or Dhammapada and read it — that is his right and we must respect that!
Ultimately, we are all very fortunate for Malaysia, as intended by our founders, is a Secular state.
I believe in Secularism; I believe Government and Religion must always be kept separate. I believe only with such a wall of separation can there ever be Religious Freedom. Without Secularism, you can never have Religious Freedom. I believe that Man, as long as he causes no harm to anyone, must be allowed to live, think and act freely.
If we live by these principles and ensure that our Government obeys these principles, we will be a Free Society.

So, what can we do now? How can we move on?
At this juncture, the above questions are commonplace.
But before we answer them, let’s have a retake.
The Barisan Nasional government has failed the people of Malaysia. Nazri Aziz, Hishamuddin Hussein and Syed Hamid Albar have failed in their duties and are not competent leaders for a multicultural multi-religious Nation State like Malaysia. The Ministry of Home Affairs is a repeat offender for violation of human rights in Malaysia — it is a failure.
BN doesn’t care about the rights of religious minorities. BN has been perverting the language of the Constitution for its own religious theory. The Barisan Nasional government simply doesn’t care about you!
For decades now, the Barisan Nasional government has shown that it only cares about one thing — its own power. It only cares about keeping its power and expanding it whenever and wherever possible.
This Allah issue was just one of a series of violations perpetrated by BN. Previously it had banned the animated cartoon The Prince of Egypt and then a restriction on The Passion of Christ to Christian-only audiences, without a regard for the rest of the non-Muslims in Malaysia.
BN acted at snail’s pace when churches were being firebombed and vandalized. BN seems to be supporting any act that is meant to incite racial and religious violence, with a potential tipping point being the cow head protests.
Let’s also not forget the two reporters from Al-Islam magazine who had gone to a Christian church, eaten the Communion wafer, spat it out and photographed it. Despite such a disrespectful act committed against the Christian community, the BN machinery was silent on the issue and there were no prosecutions.
Then, they impounded the Al-Kitab Malay Bibles. Soon after, they defaced the Malay Bibles. No apology has been forthcoming.
I fear these are the beginnings and things will only get worse.
I would not at all be surprised if one day a Ministerial order is made that all Christian churches are not to publicly display a cross or crucifix. Wouldn’t exactly be a first too: Barisan Nasional MP Syed Hood once raised the proposal to remove crosses and Christian images in missionary schools, saying "Times have changed and I think that we cannot allow Malays to look at the crosses and statues without any explanation."
But regardless of what BN does, we must never forget that it is the people of Malaysia, and only the people of Malaysia, who can change their predicament.
These arbitrary actions by BN take place because Malaysians continue to put up with it. But enough is enough! And I think all reasonable minded Malaysians are fed up with the constant intrusion into private life, the moral and thought policing and the absolute disrespect BN has shown for the very citizens it was supposed to protect.
So I say, in the next General Elections, as long as you believe in Religious Freedom, as long as you value your Liberty, as long as you believe in peace and harmony under Malaysian skies, do not vote for Barisan Nasional. They have failed you, and it is now your duty to put them out of power.
That is what you must do. And only then, can we all move on.
Aston Paiva dreamt of becoming an astronaut. He became a lawyer instead. However, he was successful in becoming a psychonaut.
With Thanks Loyar Burok

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

One Malaysia,One Melayu and One Bumi

Ever since the rejection of Umno by the Malays in the March 2008 General Election, Umno has become a desperate party to recapture the heart and mind of the Malay voters. Immediately after the election, the mantra was that Malays must unite ‘now or never’ regardless of their political affinity. The Islamic party PAS their arch rival was cajoled to join them, even though PKR another Malay majority party was sidelined. Just for a few Pas leaders who were willing to debauch, the majority rejected their Idea.

After their dismal failure to forge a marriage of convenience with an unwilling groom PAS, UMNO as a last resort to win back the Malay masses, which now is sinking on its own quagmire of scandals, corruption, nepotism and misuse of the trust the country which has bestowed them. Umno through its complicity with ultra, fascist ethno religious entities like Perkasa and other NGO’s unleashed raw racialism, any attempt by non Malays are construed as an attempt to question the royalty, and an affront to the Islamic faith. Just a staging of a play by Christian Church in Shah Alam, made the ultra sensitive Perkasa to make a Police report that the staging of the play is an insult to Sultan and Islam. There are many incidents which are seditious in nature, which will be detrimental for the peaceful co existence of the races, has been allowed to proceed without any governmental action to stop this outrages action.

The Selangor state Government’s decision to allow the construction of a Hindu temple in Shah Alam catapulted into a fierce heinous demonstration with the decapitated head of cow, to embarrass and insult the Indians, as usual, the Police was just standing there to control traffic rather than to stop this embarrassing fiasco. And the insult to injury is the Home affairs Ministers meeting the demonstrators, and posing with his signature grin the next day.  Insults and prejudiced statements are periodically unleashed to shame and despise the non Malays, with only luke worm response from the government.

Utusan Malaysia, the main propaganda mouth piece of Umno, is the mother of all racialism; it perpetuated extreme racial and supremacy policies without fail, targeting the Malay audience to fall back on Malay unity, and to save the country from the subjugation by other races. And after the defeat of SUPP, losing 15 seats in the recently concluded election, DAP is being targeted as a racialist party, first the patron of Perkasa Tun Mahathir, second by the article by Awang Selamat on Sunday and today again in Utusan, that the Malays must unite against the chauvinism of DAP, for their historic victory in Sarawak and their new call for One Malay and One Bumi chauvinistic polity.  

PM Najib’s One Malaysia policy is now being challenged by his own party ‘Newsletter’ Utusan. Can the Prime Minister expunge the reports of Utusan, or will he as usual keep quiet, proving without doubt that his one Malaysia policy is a ploy to attract the non Malay voters on one side; simultaneously to attract the Malays with his tolerance and support for the Malay Supremacy enigma by his pro Umno media organs to the chagrin of the nation. He has not reprimanded the Malay Daily, until today for all the venom and racial slur it is spreading without an iota of Press Professionalism. Can the PM, prove to the nation, that he is serious about his pet policy and charge Utusan for sedition. Will he have the political will to do this?  Or do you still have Umno under your control PM Najib.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Sarawak 'Fixed Deposit'

Congratulations to the people of Land of Hornbills, if not for an earthquake of Point 10 on the Richter scale, you have still precipitated some strong tremors to the ruling elite, which will reverberate in the mountains and valleys, and the corridors of power. The result has explicitly revealed everything is not correct in the land of the Hornbills. This rage you have shown, by unleashing the biggest electoral loss in the history of Sarawakian Polls for Barisan Nasional; the myth of permanent fixed deposits has been shattered. Now the Sarawakians have started liquidating their fixed deposits.

Civil society and opposition party leaders were denied entry, without any tangible reasons; Malaysiakini, Sarawak Report and Harakah were hacked; Radio Free Sarawak played only gospel music. Opposition party gatherings were disrupted for flimsy reasons. The entire Putra Jaya Administration, with all Ministers and sundries were transferred to Sarawak, RTM,TV3 and all the pro government media, shamelessly spit venom and hearsay about opposition leaders, the screening of sex video purportedly ‘acted’  by DS Anwar, new multi million worth of project were announced to coincide with the election. With all and every conceivable resource, BN shifted it to Sarawak to defend their last bastion of war front prior to next general election.

 With a very formidable opponent The White Haired Emperor Sarawak great Taib Mahmud’s determination, the invincible native votes stood as solid for him, keeping the opposition at bay. Even at the chagrin of PM Najib, succeeded, in crowning himself again, just immediately after getting his minimum majority, for reason known only to him; may be scared that PM Najib will conspire against him.

The indigenous people has again has been hoodwinked by instant remedies and gratification, like opium to illusionise them to forget the present misery and to entice them to their mortgage their future, like a rapist’s subjugation of the victim prior to the breaching of their sanctity. Ironically this time they have given more votes to Taib Mahmud than the previous elections much to the embarrassment of PM Najib.

Taib Mahmud the recalcitrant Chief Minister, who has proven that he, is more powerful than the PM, who has earlier embarrassed him openly citing that he, should retire early.  Nevertheless the rape and plunder will continue uninterrupted, to the chagrin of the people of Sarawak. The indigenous people of Sarawak, succumbed to these temporary temptations, and let their State to be tiled by those shenanigans who are hungry land gluttons.

The Chinese has spoken very clearly that any party which collaborates with Umno, be it MCA, Gerakan or Supp will be rejected. According to Tun DR.Mahathir it is creeping of racialism and chauvinism to him regarding the historic DAP victory in Sarawak. Dear Tun, voting against Barisan National as to your perception is not a vote for chauvinism and racialism but vote against despotism and degradation. The Chinese will be more than happy to vote for a Malay candidate from PAS and PKR rather than a Chinese from MCA or Supp. They despise not race, but Umno, the ultra racist’s party. The Chinese vote to DAP is classic example of the wanting of the Chinese for just, transparent government, which has systematically been hijacked by Umno for their political expediency.
 Enough has been said and written regarding the, massive corruption, and misuse of rakyats money, but all these are made nonissues by the spinning of misinformation by the national media. The native Sarwakians has happily voted for Taib Mohamad. Never mind if they live without basic necessities, electricity, running water, poor medical and educational facilities, bad roads, irregular and expensive river transportation. Never mind that they if they are still enjoying the life style of the fifties. Never mind mind if native lands are grabbed, Never mind if the children of Dayak and Iban are discriminated. They will wait for the next Parlmentary elections to enjoy the election festivities with all the goodies being thrown at them, until then never mind if the state goes to the devil.     

Friday, April 15, 2011

Sarawakians! Give yourself a chance,Free yourself From 30 years Misery

Written By my Favorite Blogger Dato Mohd Arief Sabri
Former Adun of BN for Pulau Manis Pekan Pahang (2004}
Thanks Dato for this Great writing

For once, the people of Sarawak must do themselves a favor. Give yourselves a chance. Not give others a chance. They have had 30 years. You only need this one chance. This is your hour. Let your progeny say in future, this was your finest hour.

This is your chance to regain your dignity and pride as a decent human being. Give yourselves the chance to determine your own destiny. Or at the very least, show to those in power that you matter. There is nothing to fear except fear itself.

Show those in power the cant scare you with the presence of coercive instruments of power. The police and the army guarding your long houses are there protecting you. Those RELA people out there are only there for a brief time. What's left is how you determined your life.

Throw out corruption. Throw out incompetence. Throw out a lifetime of neglect. Reject the bullies.
Give your children and grandchildren the chance. Say it's enough. You gave Taib Mahmud 30 years of chance. He has taken everything. He has taken the most precious thing from you-your sense of self-worth. Will the Dayaks continue to be complicit in the charade of showing they are only good at performing the ngajat dance and in that process, be regarded as nothing more than objects of cultural curiosity?

Will that treatment give you decent housing, clean water, electricity? Has it given you that? Remember the misery of walking miles down the road to get a can of kerosene. Don't forget the humiliation of being given portable computers where electricity is nonexistent. Remember forests and the trees that are gone forever.
Can the heads with the same set thinking usher in a better future? The answer must be an emphatic NO. How can the SAME thinking coming out from the SAME heads, accustomed to keeping entire peoples in callous disregard, unchallenged incompetence and open arrogance be capable of turning over a new leaf? Agreeing to this proposition is self-deceit of the highest order. It's a crime against humanity itself.

In a previous lifetime of glory and pride, the only solution that Sarawakians are renowned for, is to cut off their enemy's head. Those in power are no longer your benefactors. They stand on the side of the enemy of the people.

If you give Taib and his government another chance, it means you are willing to allow him to perpetuate years of neglect, corruption incompetence and arrogance. It's not going to be enough. It will be 30 years of the SAME neglect, incompetence and arrogance and corruption.

For 30 years, the chance to give yourself a decent living and the chance to give yourself dignity has been forcibly taken away. It has been taken away by 30 years of neglect, negligence and arrogance. The neglect exemplified most horribly by the waste laid bare on your land which forms the very spring and essence of your life.

What has the majority of the Sarawak people achieved? The fruits of development enjoyed by the elite while the majority languished in a world that time seem to forget? After 30 years, 6000 longhouses are still without electricity and water in a state which boasts the biggest hydro dam?

This Sunday, dubbed Super Sunday will be judgment day for Taib Mahmud and his ruling PBB and his partner parties. These past week are the trial that leads to that judgment day. What is the purpose of the judgment day?

The purpose of that judgment day, is for the court of the people, to call up those who manage the state to account for what they have done. That in essence is what accountability means. You are called up to account for the things you have done.

What has Taib and his party done to Sarawak for the last 30 years? Taib and his cabal of leaders have brought much development to Sarawak. To free Sarawakians from primitive state of affairs- underdevelopment stunted growth, primitive lifestyles, civilizing the natives bringing them into the 20th century and beyond.

All that, said the wise people is spectacular development. Sterling! Screamed some people with lard-laden brains.
The people of Sarawak has only one response to give to Taib and his cabal of leaders- continue giving us the lies, we shall not stop uncovering the truths.

Right now, you have only one historic mission. Get Taib to step down as Chief Minister. Showing him the exit is the single most potent weapon and burning issue against the Barisan Nasional in the state general elections. Whoever sides with Taib stands for corruption and against the people.

Getting him out has united Sarawakians . This shared thinking is possible because 30 years of his kleptocratic rule as Chief Minister has bred and entrenched the habits of non-accountability, lack of transparency and absence decency of good governance. Remember kleptocracy is associated with the meaning of thief and theft.

That thiever, none better illustrated by the mountain of allegations on abuses of power and rampant corruption under his rule which he has not been able to rebut. Dato Seri Najib Razak is not unaware of what is happening to Sarawak with Taib at the helm, but Najib appears to have been immobilized by the phalanx of bomohs and witches surrounding Taib Mahmud.

It is obvious, DS Najib is even powerless to have Taib committed to an early date to step down . The PM has repeatedly been rebuffed by the Chief Minister and there is nothing the Prime Minister could do about it.
Taib Mahmud is not an UMNO member and his reaction to the PM's announcement that Taib will leave office is like telling the PM to F off from his turf. Taib is saying, who are you telling me what to do with my office, in my state? Sarawak is Taib's country. The PM can't do anything, but the people of Sarawak can.
Give yourselves that chance. Don't turn to others for succor.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Sarawak you have nothing to lose except your shackles of servitude

The fall of Ben Ali of Tunisia and the Pharaoh of Egypt Hosni Mubarak are now part of the decadent history of the North African nations. The tempest epic centered in Tunisia has blown off the roots of the oligargic regime by a home grown uprising not this time, sanctioned by the West, Some Ayatollahs or by Jewish conspirators, but by the collective anger and rage of the people against their despotic rulers. Now the revolution of the distant land is reverberating on the shores of South China Sea across the land of mass of Borneo. This time not through street protest, but through the Ballot box, the Sarawak State Election; the prelude for change in Malaysia

Political parties which initiated and fought for independence from colonial powers, and which were entrusted and mandated to rule the newly liberated countries, after the lapse of the initial nationalism and altruism, and when the euphoria fades away, the new rulers imitated their colonial masters on exploitation of the nations resources not to be send to the London Colonial but to some clandestine banks accounts of the neocolonialist; the natives.

Political parties like Congress of India, which was instrumental in the successful overthrow of their British Colonial masters succumbed to their own internal weakness, corruption, nepotism abuse of human rights on the enigma they are indispensable and they are the rightful eternal people to rule by virtue of the participation and fighting  for independence. Congress of India, together with Golkar of Indonesia. , Kuomintang of Taiwan and Liberal Democratic Party of Japan lost the mandate to rule, when they were annihilated by their own people.  And Umno with Barisan Nasional is waiting for the moment of the truth; to be overthrown.

The March 2008 political Tsunami, which gave a shocking defeat to Barisan Nasional, giving an unprecedented victory to Pakatan Rakyat, throwing BN into turmoil and internal bickering among their component parties blaming one another for this fiasco. Umno now lost their bedrock Malay support, and to recapture their lost ground among them, unleashed extreme racialist, fascist, Malay Supremacy dogmas. The Ketuanan Melayu or Malay Supremist policy now become the mantra of Umno, forgetting very conveniently that the reality of demographic structure of the country has changed drastically after the merger of the two independent entities of Sabah and Sarawak, is the hallmark of their  idiosyncrasy, unleashed by Umno disregarding the reality of the existence of native Bumiputra in Sarawak and Sabah. Their national agenda is the appeasing of the Malays. Just to win their favor. They promulgated a policy on the ethno religious superiority of Malay Muslim identity. Forgetting this is multi ethnic and religious nation. The Umno is trapped in their quagmire have they created, by all their racially and religiously biased policies for their own electoral funeral in Sarawak.

Long standing practices of the people in East Malaysia of their religion, has become objectionable to them. Umno’s blasphemy against the Christian faith with the banning of the Malay Bible, and the court battle against the use word of Allah by non Muslims made us a laughing stock among the world, but these arrogance and the odium has now toned down to accommodate the new political reality of ‘now or never’ battle for Sarawak. And because of the impending State Election, their three hundred sixty degree turn in handling the Malay Bible issue, freeing the detained thirty thousand Bibles in Kuching Port. And not to concede defeat fully, they stamped the Malay Bible with for ‘Christian Only’ words. The Sarawakians are now enlightened by these chameleons, who have revealed their true colors. They are now are waiting to repay for the insult against their religion and send BN to their political abyss.

Their hyper sensitivity in anything which is remotely to be against the Islamic faith is quickly followed by fierce expounding of venom and insult. And these are endorsed with half backed clerics and NGO’s, humiliating incidents such as cow head demonstration and the blasphemies of the two Al Islam reporters who went to church as Christians, received the Holy Communion, spat the wafer and took photographs, and this sacrilege was reciprocated with no persecution or apology. This is the modus operandi of the Islamists, to Talibanise the nation, with no reprimandation or apology from the government. And this is the reason for the government to take such an extremist policy in the Malay Bible issue to appease this group, not to offend the Malay voters, who are now being radicalized by Umno just for its political survival. This has derailed the goodwill and religious tolerance which is practiced without any hiccup to date, and put the nation into yours and mine predicament. And this is against the very fundamental founding principle which is enshrined in the constituition, the right to practice the religion of their choice. This noble principle is sacrificed by Umno on the altar of insanity. And now stands in the threshold of defeat in Sarawak for its ethno religious bigotry.

The New Economic Policy, which was introduced to correct the economic imbalance among races including the indigenous people of East Malaysia, was hijacked by TDM and his cronies to enrich a selected group of people who were connected with them. The the Dayaks, Bidayuhs and Kadazan Dusan were forgotten, still being the poorest among the poor. But with existence of multiple communities of natives, only the Malays are the very special; constantly bombarded and reminded with the myth that they are being threatened by other races, and in justifying their continued relevance, that without Umno the Malays will lose their statehood. Only the natives in peninsula Malaysia are emphasized and for the East Malaysians, they are only remembered during elections. Barisan maintains a corrupted Chieftain in Sarawak, allowing him to rob the state to enrich his cronies, only in return for continues support.

Taib Mahmud, the White Haired Emperor of Sarawak, with his buddy like George Chan, Alfed Jabu Masing and others, have enriched themselves with billion worth of Ringgit of properties throughout the world, and now Taib Mahmud stands as one of the richest man in Asia. Thousand of hectares of Customary Native lands has been confiscated from the rakyat, Salcra the organization which was set up to coordinate and manage native land for economy of scale has been reduced into an instrument to rob the poor man’s resources. Very poor profits dividends are paid, according to Industry standards, no profit and loss accounts are shown from the day of inception, buts some crumps are paid during election periods.

After twenty more years of the rule in Sarawak, the basic needs of the people are not fulfilled. Long house residents still use rain water, no running water and electricity is provided, when the richness of the state are diverted to enrich them. Communication and roads not fully developed in the vast Sarawakian territories, with the rich resources of land, timber and petroleum available.  The dynasty which Taib Mahmud inherited from his maternal uncle Datuk Pattinggi Abdul Rahman Yaakop for the past twenty years has managed keeping the state as their private fiefdom, by bypassing the majority DayakIban population. Sarawak and Sabah are kept as subservient colonies to get the political support and the sustaining of ‘fixed deposit’ in exchange for the complicity in plundering the state. Taib Muhammad the white haired emperor of Sarawak is allowed to rule like a king; with the Chinese Towkays from SUPP to suck the state dry.

 The Sarawakians must now bravely come forward to send those politicians, who were promising them for past 40 years, but promises are being kept as promise forever, the livelihood of the long house residents has not changed. The marginalization of the people who are still deprived of the basic necessities of life must be revoked, whereas the leaders who are supposed to uplift them are busy with their own upliftment. The time is ripe now for them to make a profound decision to send these thieves to their rightful place. They must come forward to break the shackle which has enslaved them such long period and enjoy what is rightfully theirs.
Make the change now or never. Be part of the new Tsunami.
If not now, when
If not you, who