Saturday, June 29, 2013


in the morning
did you smile at the blossoms
of your courtyard
rejoice at the
caressing breeze
and amassed
at dawn’s
colored spectrum
or is it
just another
mundane happening
of the day

for you neither
the guffaw of the child
near to you
or the hands which
raises to beg for your mercy
or the cry of the oppressed
tickles your soul
your self inflicted
blinding of your eyes
to suffering of the world

you are the
captives of your believes
slaves of your desire
mortgage everything
to buy false happiness
selling your eyes
to buy spectacles
and buy god
to reach heaven
attain fake self realization
the you the confused preacher
buy religion and
sell delirium
leading sick adherents
to the oblivion of abyss
spreading ominous venom
of superiority of your faith
and to build empire
on the skeleton of humanity