Monday, June 27, 2011

BERSIH, the catalyst for change

Umno’s worst fear, the eroding of their popular support among the Malay masses, something unthinkable for the megalomaniacs is now becoming a reality with all its wrong strategies and  moves. In their quest to reform and win back the lost support they are shooting their own legs. Just as a person under duress is incapable of making rational decisions, measures, policies and purported reforms which were put in place after their electoral defeat in the Mar 2008 elections only aggravated the pace of the entrapment into their own quagmire, sinking in slowly but surely. The tainted legacy of the electoral process, which has become the norm of the ruling BN to win elections with discreet and illegal means with the complicity of the Election Commission has persisted even after repeated pleading, cajoling, demonstration and litigation. Call for electoral reform which has been going on for umpteen years, has fallen on deaf ears, but the people who have lost all avenue to bring changes has now are compelled to bring their dissatisfaction to the streets. A government which has nothing to hide regarding the gerrymandering of elections would not be in a state of delusion and phobia ever since BERSIH announced its intention for the rally.

Every action unfolding now are the typical desperate attempts of failed nation in the brink of collapse. The long waited arrest and prosecution of the ‘Datuk T’ trio, concluded with great fanfare, and given wide coverage by the Main Stream Media. Criminals were treated like folk heroes. This is the first time in the our legal history of the country that a pornographic video clip produced as an exhibit in court has been played on two big screens, one facing the magistrate and the other the public gallery. And to quote the legal Jargon, veteran Law Maker YB Karpal Singh, “it was not an ingredient of the offence for the identity of the actor to be proven”. This circus in the court was timed to give the maximum impact to humiliate and disparage DSAI Anwar and derail the popularity of the BERSIH Rally which he supports.  This proves the extent BN can go to exploit and to usurp the sanctity of Judiciary to bend and to suite their political agenda.

The desperation of the police in stopping Ceramahs ( gatherings) in support of BERSIH, the preemptive arrests for distributing flyers and wearing T shirts with BERSIH colors, and detaining bus load of people for campaigning for BERSIH and intending to charge them Under Section 122 of the Penal Code which reads,  “Whoever collects or attempts to collect men, arms or ammunition, or otherwise prepares to wage war with the intention of either waging or being prepared to wage war against the Yang Di Pertuan Agong or any of the Rulers or the Yang Di Pertua Negeri or abets the waging or the preparation of such war, shall be punished with imprisonment for life or imprisonment for a term not exceeding twenty years, and shall also be liable to fine.”  Has made the police departments look like clowns, dancing to the tune of their political masters.
But to the chagrin of the nation Ibrahim Ali the sub contractor of dirty works of Umno, has coolly been protected for all his threat to Chinese community, his daily expounding of racialism and fanatism and despising Ambiga Sreenivasan, stomping and burning of the pictures of the chairperson of BERSIH The selective persecution, and the immunity enjoyed by the Pasir Mas independent MP, smacks of the worst putrid despicable abuse of our Institution of law and order.

The governments megalomania, delusion and jittery in taking every conceivable effort to derail the BERSIH Rally has definitely misfired, creating a rage and groundswell of support among the wide spectrum of the people. May be in the desperation to stop the BERSIH rally, the Government is promoting it with all its misplaced strategies. Best wishes for BERSIH
BERSIH is the acronym in Malay for the coalition of NGO’s for the independence of the Electoral Process
Yang DI Pertuan Agong: His Highness the King of Malaysia

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Bersih Syndrom

De house doctor has been called to prescribe medicine for the symptoms of the strange mysterious sickness of BN, the deadly Bersih Syndrome, now engulfing the ruling elites. Doctors from North Africa and Middle East are swearing it has similar symptoms akin to the Tahrir Square Syndrome and the Ben Ali Ailment, which are predicted to be very deadly. Their Doctors has prescribed that the deadly Bersih virus must be neutralized before 9th of July, to arrest it from attacking the central nerves system and disabling whole body before the next bout of aliments expected at PRU 13 seasons.

The Tsunami attack of the Mar 2008, which warranted it to be treated in ICU with life supporting systems, where it’s component body parts failed miserably to support, medications from distant land, like the Miracle medicine of APCO from the Middle East, was procured with millions of ringgit as a matter of great urgency: is not able to cure or stop the deterioration of the aliments. The entire micro managing specialist of APCO Doctors has not rejuvenated the ailing party, may be too and infirm and beyond redemption.

Symptoms of the deadly viral Bersih Fever are the shivering and extreme precipitations and urinating with pants on, with the blubbering’s and repeated hysteria and panicking behavior when the name Bersih is uttered. The capacity of the brain to think rationally has already been radically jeopardized, which is now manifested by its myopic speeches and actions those of BN. The name Mat Sabu and Ambiga Sreenivasan has become a name which triggers bouts of pandemonium, hysteria and phobia among them.

Ibrahim Ali is now suspected to be severely affected by the viral attack, his earlier known half delusions of grandeur like  the expounding of his favorite pastime of making Police reports for all petty and sundry, has now proceeded to his full blown insanity, he is now found burning pictures of people involved with Bersih, talking with clenched fists and shouting obscenities with his henchman and proclaiming as the new Generalissimo, and next day denying all his earlier statement, who is apt at shadow boxing, and creating enemies from thin air.

When a nation’s elections are continuously breached, and Election Commission acts as an instrument of the ruling party and people’s repeated pleading for electoral reforms falls on deaf ears, the Rakyat has now been forced to take measures to bring the desired changes. The continuous anti Bersih propaganda of the government with its spins by the complicity of the Main Stream media has only popularized the people’s resolve to support them. The people cannot be forever subdued, and now they at forefront of change. And to BN, CHANGE BEFORE CHANGE CHANGES YOU.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

The new PAS, Umno's nightmare

Like dejected lover, who have for a few times shared the same bed, but with different dreams, Umno is now acting like a jilted lover, knelling and proclaiming they are better partners to PAS than DAP, (may be just graduated from the obedient husbands club) and accusing them to have abandoned the Malay Unity which has now become so sacred for UMNO, their last clarion call for their survival. Umno’s desperation and exacerbation is clearly revealed now. The mantra of UMNO after the March 2008 Election ‘Malay Unity’ only with PAS and not with PKR Malay is now lost. Last in the list lost at last.

 TDM the person who called PAS, PIS is now suddenly lamenting that they have sacrificed their Islamic concept, a person who mercilessly scorned and cursed the Islamic Party for years, crying now like a wolf for an escaped ‘goat’. Moohideen Yassin our Deputy Prime Minister, pleading to PAS that they are still ready for a relationship. A real Gila Talak. Hai! you UMNO guys , why are so desperate in courting PAS who has  vehemently renounced  and rejected you as the most putrid, corrupted, immoral, racialist party under the sun.

And now when you are on the way to the abyss of oblivion as in 1969, and when a similar situation now necessitates a sudden reminiscence of your old failed love affair, you’re itching to patch up to save your skin. Pas suffered the most humiliating political degradation after agreeing to the marriage proposed by Tun Razak in 1972. They lost Kelantan under Datuk Asri Muda in 1978, until they captured it with great struggle in 1990, for their ill-conceived marriage with Umno. Pas was reduced to shambles by the Umno shenanigans, which was engineered to induce PAS to self destruction. Once bitten twice shy. And PAS is now telling you to go to hell, berambus lah Umno, very profoundly and vehemently.

After the 2008 political Tsunami which was the worst nightmare in the history of the ruling party, and after spending millions of taxpayers’ money in engaging APCO, and the brandishing of One Malaysia crab policy they were consistently courting  PAS for the marriage of convenience to save them from another electoral defeat. A party now in self destructive mode, Umno’s dream to entrap Pas into another marriage of convenience has failed terribly with the no nonsense speech by Ustaz Hadi Awang, and the reemergence of leaders like Mat Sabu and Husam Musa, who are considered inclusive of Muslims and Non Muslims, just the ideal candidates who will give a stumbling blow to the ill conceived Umno’s Malay Unity enigma and take Pakatan to greater heights.  Hitting the final nail in the coffin of the unity government, dreamt by desperate Umno, or will it be the ‘hay which broke the camel’s back’.

 Thanks Utusan Malaysia the ‘paragon of journalistic virtues’, which creates enemies of the Malay race, religion and the royalty from the thin air, and follow it up with police reports by pseudo UMNO Perkasa,  for campaigning for the new leadership of PAS. Umno campaigned for some the Ulama candidates whom they think can support their agenda: of deceiving and to entice them for the purported unity government. TV Tiga was giving nightly reports and sermons of the blogger Kickdefella’statements disparaging Husam Musa and Mat Sabu, interviews with the Kulim frog Zul, and The Star with the star spinner Jocelyn Tan writing articles and analysis regarding the virtues of returning the Ulama’s in the Islamic party’s hierarchy, shedding crocodile tears that the party has lost the Islamic credentials.

All the spin and misinformation by the main stream media ended in futility. Now they are coming out with stories that PAS has deviated from the true path by collaborating with Anwar and DAP. Their misinformation is continuing in the Media, like lamentation of a jilted partner of marriage. A one sided love affair. But Pas has started the long march with their partners in Pakatan to Putra Jaya. Syabas PAS.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

UMNO's nightmares are becoming reality

UMNO's worse nightmares are now becoming a reality. PAS is transforming itself into a credible and viable alternative. If it links up with likeminded people from other parties and the combined forces are led by someone with stature, they will form the next government.
Will PAS implode? It will only if it has the UMNO culture. What differentiates PAS from UMNO is the existence of an eternal idealism. To see the application of more Islamic content in the running of the country wherever and whenever they are applicable.
The recent victory of the Erdogan faction in PAS is also a reflection that PAS has succeeded in attracting more libertarian members into the party. The change in leadership character in PAS can only be possible as a result of a change in the character of the men and women who have become PAS members. If they have enlisted into the PAS army, then UMNO has lost people of this caliber from its ranks.
What will happen to UMNO? Very soon, UMNO members will consist of the riff-raffs and contract hungry divisional leaders and class F contractors. UMNO will continue to be dominated by leaders and followers who make high pitched noises when they can't get something out of the MRT and Pudu Jail redevelopment projects.
Pas is showing it's ready to take the bull by its horns. It shines where UMNO leadership falters. PAS doesn't fear leadership transformation. UMNO shows it does.
UMNO talks but its PAS who walks. The party is now made up of more professionals. They are trained in the secular skills but the people with the skills have spiritual credentials. Plus, they are younger and are being groomed to take over PAS leadership.
UMNO reins in its young fearing backlash from powerful warlords in the party. It doesn't even have the stomach to fill in positions with elected members. Some who lost in the last elections continue to be given positions in government. For all the talk about transformation, the party has shown it's all just rhetoric.
The UMNO president can only offer a meek excuse that UMNO members do not want Khairy and therefore he is let out to pasture. Which members?
In the meantime, the young and restless will continue to be drawn to PAS now that more people with libertarian views are going to PAS. Those not moved by PAS will continue to shy away from UMNO. Because UMNO hasn't shown it's ready to jive in with young. It misleads itself into believing giggly young girls rushing to shake the hand of the PM will convert into votes that will ensure UMNO stays in Putrajaya.
Who in UMNO can speak to the young with credence? Let's be realistic enough. Khaiiry Jamaludin with all his imperfections and perhaps impetuousness can link up with the young. No other UMNO leader can provide the emotional tie up. He is articulate and highly intelligent. His character flaws can be corrected if the UMNO leadership shows more maturity and coolness in decision making. The UMNO president underestimates his own influence on UMNO psychology. If he decides KJ to be given a position in government, the others will follow.
Instead he follows the whispers that blow in the wind. They come from Pro UMNO bloggers who may not be and are not even UMNO members and whose Malayness are questionable. These people continue to berate and cast aspersions on the character on the one person capable of galvanizing the young and capturing their emotions.
Instead the UMNO president relies on people like Mukhriz Mahathir whose support comes mainly from conceited MRSM alumnus who think the hell about themselves. The only semblance of intelligence that Mukhriz has is his receding hairline, fitting the conventional description of professors with balding heads. Well, you can get balding heads by placing your head consistently on a strategic location of the human anatomy of the opposite sex.
UMNO talks about transformation but PAS is the party that converts that into action. UMNO does not even dare hold its party elections fearing that the party will be more divided. UMNO hasn't got the stomach to get rid of its old blood. If PAS doesn't break up despite having party elections, the UMNO leadership will have a tough time defending why its postponing party elections.
Even UMNO people will go away convinced that holding back elections is really an excuse by the UMNO leadership to self-perpetuate. Hence all the cock and bull story about disunity and all that.
It's strange to get the impression that UMNO can stay in power provided the ulamas dominate PAS. Since when is UMNO so chummy to people of the robes? Such reversal of affection can only suggest that UMNO hasn't got a soul. Or it can also suggest the plight of a person going into old age and conscious of his mortality and who now mourns for spiritual salvation.
Does ageing UMNO see spiritual salvation in PAS? If it does, there's no future for people like Ibrahim Ali. 

With Thanks: Dato Mohd Ariff Sabri
Sakmongkol AK 47