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Sarawak and Sabah the tale of deceit.

One thing never changed from the day Malaysia was created in 1963 with the joining of Sarawak and Sabah as individual autonomous ex British Colonies in the formation of the confederation of a new nation; the epic center to rule and control only changed from London Colonial office to Kuala Lumpur. Ninety five percent of the State’s revenue is being taken by the central Government. Leaving the States poor with endemic poverty.
As a newly acquired new land masses Sabah and Sarawak is there just ready, to be exploited and subjugated, and to be unleashed with the same time tested methods and formulas which were being used in Peninsula Malaya. The same stereo type governments were engineered and formed in Sarawak and North Borneo territories, like the multi party coalition Alliance government in Peninsula. Sarawak under 18 point agreement  together with Sabah with its 20 point agreement merged with Malaya under the Cobbold Commission as autonomous entities, with their very specific terms and condition, to safeguard their economy, the demographic composition, employment, immigration, language and  religion.

There was not much of a difference between how the colonialists govern whether it’s from London before or now Kuala Lumpur; they use their resources and energy to rule and intimidate the states which has now become legitimately a state of Malaysia, across the South China Seas. The long history of this newly acquired states is the story of maintaining the agenda of the Federal government, placing in state Governments which are friendly and accommodating to them; in Sabah especially the Chief Ministers like Tun Mustapha,Datuk Fuad Stephens (Donald Stephens)Datuk  Harris Salleh, Datuk Joseph Pairrin Kittigan are at various time are ousted when they were deemed as  threat, like when they raise issues about secession and when they raised other sensitive subjects and reappointed, when they were tamed. The Alliance and now Barisan Nasional, premeditated, ousters of Chief Ministers, dethroning, palace intrigues and coup’s, mysterious plane crashes and artificial population explosion.

In 1960 population censes in Sabah, the Malays were not listed for any significant presence there, but in year 2011, Umno has the highest numbers of registered members in Malaysia in Sabah, (455,823) out numbering even Johor (438,000)Mass migration and naturalization in 1970 under USNO and 1980 under Berjaya started  the ethnic transformation of Sabah. The Population increase in Sabah during the period 1970 to 2000 is whooping 285 percent; a world record, this influx of foreign nationals who are Muslim, and who resemble like Malays were coerced and encouraged to migrate to Sabah from Mindanao and Indonesia with the complicity of Barisan National under Project IC or Project M.The Kadazan Duzuns became a minority after this massive calculated engineered demographic onslaught, which changed the ethnic makeup and political landscape. Sabah a state with Christian Kadasan Dusun leadership has now succumbed to a unitary Islamic state by the formation of Umno, with their legalized illegal Muslim immigrants breaking all convention of fair play and justice. Now Umno call the shots in Sabah. This sad episode and debacle is only rivaled by the transmigration of Jewish people to Israel from Europe and Middle East and the creation of the tragic Palestine Diasporas; and the forced resettlement of Kurds from the rich oil fields in Mosul and the Arabization of Kurdish territories by Saddam Husain. These propitiators of the crime against the people of Sabah are now sending humanitarian Ships and armadas to Gaza to prove their altruistic credentials and show the world how concerned they are for the dispossessed Palestinian people but in their own backyard they did exactly like the Zionist and Bathist.

In Sarawak they found a good ally in Datuk Pattingi Abdul Rahman Yaakob and his Cousin Abdul Taib Mahmud, after Datuk Stephan Kalong Ningkom’s Chiefmanship, Datuk Pattingi Abdul Rahman Yaakop and his cousin Datuk Abdul Taib Mahmud were allowed to continuously rule Sarawak State from 1970 until to date, ruling the State like a family enterprise.

 The political feud between Datuk Pattingi Abdul Rahman Yaakob and Taib Mahmud in the 80’s is self explanatory of omnipresence of mall practices and corruption, when each accuses the other of their corruption and nepotism, and who owns what. If Barisan is a responsible ombudsmen they could of easily arrested both the ex and current chief ministers and bring to justice, but they kept quiet for reason only known to them.  The rich timber, construction and plantations concessions were given to their sons, daughters, uncles and sundries arbitrarily without any consideration of norms, transparency and open tender system. The majority Christian Dayaks Iban community were bypassed and never given a chance to be chief ministers and marginalized. Creating a lot discontentment and dissatisfaction among them.

 The rich economic resources of the State such as timber, petroleum mineral products and the plantation sector have become the personal properties of ruling party of the state and were allowed to be plundered with the complicity of the ruling elites of KL, with Tab Mahmud at the helm, now one of the richest man in Asia, with assets and properties sprawling across the globe. Native land are being confiscated to exploit the timber resources by crony companies and deeming the subsistence farmers landless and succumbing them to poverty. The Federal Government has failed in his moral and legitimate duty in preventing the excessive corruption and misuse of funds, which otherwise can be utilized to raise the people of Sarawak from extreme poverty, the poorest in the country. Just for their political expediency BN has bartered sold and mortgaged the people’s well being.
Our National leadership shamelessly defends these corrupted leaders at all cause, just to remain in power. The people of East Malaysia must decide now, whether to let this economic and political carnage against their state to continue and to forever remain as Fixed Deposit Voters or to make dramatic decision to deny Barisan National, and transform their state from servitude to prosperity.

On the rounds with UMNO

I have written many essays about UMNO. I have written about the dangers of feeling superior. It breeds arrogance and complacency. That feeling seems to be nourished further by the recent wins by UMNO of some by elections. Galas was won basically by the figure of Tengku Razaleigh. In Tenang, those who actually went there, if they take 'the presented facts' with a pinch of salt, know how we won Tenang by election. We did it the old fashion way- mostly paying our way through.
Some people say the win in Tenang bears the hallmarks of Isa Samad's modus operandi. We all know how he won the UMNO vice presidency. Somehow UMNO people seemed to think, if the wrong is committed by an UMNO man, that wrong is forgivable. How stupid.
I am surprised at the recent stout defense of Isa Samad when a corporate leader provided some adverse remarks of Isa. Why the defense? If UMNO people can't get rid of this destructive idea of stubbornly defending actions and behavior that can make UMNO weak, UMNO hasn't got a chance to defend itself in the court of public opinion. Because UMNO will be seen as standing on the side of the wrongdoer, the fornicator, the corrupt, the wrong side. It stands opposed to the people. Look at Egypt. Look at Tunisia.
I have said it many times, and I say it gain- I want to save Malaysia. Anwar Ibrahim isn't the only one with ideas to save Malaysia. But if UMNO leaders shy away from debating and engaging Anwar, UMNO loses by default. Our refusal to debate him on the way to manage the economy only serves the widespread perception, that our ideas are just empty rhetoric.
We have our ideas to save Malaysia. But the way to do it is to place UMNO under capable hands. Those who are committed to democratic ideals, the rule of law and economic and social justice. Those who are committed to good governance. UMNO should condition its mind, that it governs not 60% of the population but the 100% percent of Malaysian citizens.
If Isa Samad does indeed cause the stock market some adverse repercussions, let that young ciku, however obnoxious he sounds and acts, say his piece. If he is wrong, then let him suffer the end of the big stick. Already he was made to eat humble pie by being directed to say sorry to Isa. Meantime, Isa spends RM 2 million refurbishing his office suite at the 10th Floor Felda building. Each week he sits on his imperial throne, dishing and dispensing wisdom from his short physique. Some of us would be fools to delude ourselves this is the kind of leadership that can save UMNO and save Malaysia.
So much of the Felda resources were committed to winning the Tenang by election for Isa Samad. Felda vehicles were placed at the disposal of Felda settlers in Tenang. Cars were filled with fuel and were literally handed over to settlers to do as they wish. Other resources were used mainly for the benefit of our kind of voters. Our kind means those voters who think they owe us a living when we give some form of consideration. Ballot boxes were literally on army trucks without anyone guarding them. Who would when flood waters were neck high? Everyone would be more interested to save their lives and property.
So, to the UMNO people, the recent wins must not be fodder to our exuberance.
As regards, Kerdau and Merlimau by elections, I have no doubts that UMNO and BN will win. We don't know who the BN candidate in Merlimau is. But with resources and concentration already channeled to Merlimau, no opponent to BN can stand a chance. As for Kerdau, the candidate is personally known to me. I wrote an earlier article about his impending candidacy. It has been proven right. I don't see any real threats to him becoming the ADUN there. With only 28 UMNO branches in that division, there will be little room for UMNO backstabbing. Kerdau is a sure bet.
Bu these are specific instances. Overall, the picture is not that upbeat. That will be in the next article. Meanwhile, maybe I can be categorized as a declinist. Because I see the decline of UMNO.
Let me touch briefly the scenario as a precursor to the next article. Penang is a gone case. Lim Guan Eng is simply a good leader. He is a good person. Penang is well managed. Ignore the staged protestations of the street hawkers who have not been paying the rates. Ignore Rizal Merican. The majority support LGE. Penang stays opposition.
That thamby in Perak is just there warming the MB's seat. Support for him in his own constituency is dwindling. Perak will be returned to the opposition with a vengeance. In the meantime, we hear Zambry is making hay while the sun shines. UMNO people are saying- kita salah rampas. Kedah- even the UMNO people like Ustaz Azizan. He says he now sleeps better when Najib appointed Bashah. Because Najib appoints a person he trusts more than a person he knows can work. Kedah will stay opposition. In Perlis let the warring factions in this land the size of an ape's straddled legs fight it out. There even the UMNO grassroots want to punish Najib. Selangor? Even the Auditor General says it's the 2nd best financially managed state after Penang. Who wants to be MB Selangor? Noh Omar? Zain Badak? By the way, where did PLCE ( passed LCE) Satim Diman got his doctorate? Did he buy it or what?
Kelantan? What can we say about Kelantan? Except that every UMNO leader will one day become the president of the Kelantan FA. They will then fight out who gets to manage the team and who gets to build new stadiums. In Terengganu, there are signs it's going to the opposition. Pahang in the meantime will stay under BN but question marks hover over the fate of at least 7 parliamentary seats. Johore will remain BN. Negeri Sembilan can go either way unless Mat Hassan is jettisoned fast.
New leaders must come to rescue UMNO.

Written By: Dato'Mohd Ariff Sabri Sakmongkol AK 47
Thanks Dato'I am honored and privileged to publish your article.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sarawak and Sabah the tale of deceit.Part One

(Extracted from Sabah Kini)

THE news from Sarawak that pagan and Christian Dayak schoolchildren have been re-classified, whether deliberately or inadvertently, as Malays in their school report cards comes as no surprise in peninsular Malaysia, Sabah and even in Sarawak itself
The practice has probably been going on for quite a long time in Sarawak as elsewhere. Being classified as Malay is nothing new in our history.
If one turns up at the Amanah Saham Bumiputera (ASB) counter at any bank in Kota Kinabalu, invariably there will be the odd Indian or two - Pakistanis and Bangladeshis included - standing in the queue to either purchase or sell their unit trusts.
They are Muslims, generally from the Indian sub-continent, classified as Malays - no doubt constitutional Malays - in their Malaysian personal documents. It's so glaring.
How can foreigners become Malays and natives overnight in Malaysia when Malaysians of Indian and Chinese origin continue to be labelled pendatang (outsiders), despite being in the country longer than most "Malays"?
Those from the Indian sub-continent are not the big story in Sabah, although given their prominent facial features, they stick out like sore thumbs among the largely semi-Mongolian-looking Malay category.

No 'Malay' classification in Sabah in 1960

The big story in Sabah is that there was no "Malay" classification in the census records of the state back in 1960. Today, there's a Malay classification, with more than 400,000 people under that category. These people are not local Muslims classified as Malays.
In 1970, 18,362 were classified as Malays in Sabah. There was no figure available for 1980, but there were 123,810 Malays in 1991 and 303,500 in 2000.
How could the ‘Malay’ population in Sabah have more than doubled between 1991 and 2000? Demographers tell us that given natural rates of growth and modern medical care, a population can only double every 25 years.
Local Muslims - Bajau, Suluk, Iranun, Barunai (Brunei Malay), Cocos-Keeling (Malay), Banjar and the Dusun Muslim groups such as the Ranau Dusun, Bisaya and Orang Sungai - are all properly classified under their various ethnic categories in their personal documents.
So, this brings us to the question of who constitute the large number of Malays in Sabah, besides those from the Indian sub-continent.
Anti-illegal immigration activist Dr Chong Eng Leong provides the answers in his July 2009 book, Lest We Forget - Security and Sovereignty of Sabah.
Chong's revelation, complete with MyKad numbers issued in running order, with not even one Chinese applicant breaking the monotony, is that these new "Malays" in Sabah are illegal immigrants - largely Muslims from the Philippines and Indonesia, as well as Christians fleeing the conflict in southern Philippines - have been issued with MyKad via the backdoor and placed on the electoral roll.
The new twist in Sarawak is that the Dayak children involved were classified under ‘of Malay origin’ (keturunan Melayu) and not Malay per se.
Obviously, this is a continuation of the official line - reiterated by Prime Minister Mohd Najib Abdul Razak recently - that the Dusun and Dayak are part of the Malay stock which, according to Umno, also includes everybody in Indonesia, the Philippines, eastern Sri Lanka and Madagascar.
DNA studies have since established that the entire population of Southeast Asia is descended from Dravidians who made their way from South India to the South China coast and Taiwan and mated with the Mongolian tribes living there.

From a dialect in Cambodia

The Malay language itself began as a dialect in Cambodia, which was taken to the islands of Southeast Asia and refined over the years into a trading and missionary language, first with the infusion of Sanskrit as Hinduism entered the region and later Pali, a dialect of Sanskrit used by the Buddhists.
In colonial Malaya, the British placed all immigrants from the neighbouring islands under the umbrella term of Malay, more for reasons of administrative convenience, besides reflecting the fact that they spoke Malay when outside their homes.
Professor William Roff in his book The Origins of Malay Nationalism, published by the Australian National University, estimated that as many as 85 percent of the so-called Malay population of Peninsular Malaysia in the late 1800s were immigrants from neighbouring islands.
These ‘new’ Malays, based on DNA studies conducted in mid-2006 - by the Health Science Studies Centre, Universiti Sains Malaysia, are in fact the Minang in Negri Sembilan, Yunanese in Terengganu, Acehnese in Perak, Riau in Johor, Champa in Perak, Kedah and Kelantan; Mandailing in Perak, Javanese in Johor and Selangor; Bugis in Johor and Selangor; Rawa in Perak, Jambi in Johor, Selangor and Perak; Banjarese in Selangor and Johor; and Kurinchi in Selangor.
The only Malays discovered were in Kelantan. This is according to a report in Dimensi, Berita Minggu, which was published on Sunday, July 23, 2006.
In Sarawak, the White Rajahs followed the colonial British administrative practice in Malaya and categorised the coastal-dwelling Muslims, generally Bidayuh and Iban, as Malays as they spoke the Sarawak dialect of the language. Only the Melanau Muslims continued to remain non-Malay as they kept their language.
There is a case for Malaysians of Indian and Chinese origin to be called Malay as well by nationality, if the Federal Constitution can be amended, besides being Indian or Chinese by race.
In China, Malaysians of Chinese origin are correctly called Malay Chinese.
In Tamilnadu in South India, Malaysians of Indian origin used to be called Malayakaran (Malaya people). These days, they are called Malaysiakaran (Malaysian people).
The people of Tamilnadu refer to male Malays as Malaikaran (people of the hill), - a female being Malaikari - the word malai being Tamil for hill and denoting the origin of the Malay speakers from somewhere in the hill country of Cambodia.
Tamils in Malaysia refer to the Malays as both malaikaran and natekaran (people of the country), nate being the same as the word nad or nadu (meaning country).

 Published with Thanks to Sabah Kini

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Malaysia,a nation in distress.

A nation in a crossroad, just for electoral triumph, the very fabric of nationhood is being torn apart, and our long sacrifice and goodwill in building this nation is being sacrificed in the alter of political expediency. Our goodwill and togetherness is branded as One Malaysia and that very this very fundamental basic criterion of the nation is being shattered and destroyed. Day after day week after week we are bombarded with news and misinformation which digress to political anarchism.

The government’s calculated tolerance in the unleashing of racial insults to fellow citizens, and when their very legitimate lamentation is only answered by the total indifference and their lackadaisical action. When a section of the people are crying, begging and cajoling, that the insult and despising of their community be halted, and the contentious book removed as a textbook, but the government never put their foot down to appease them.

 A forum to discuss the Interlock issue peacefully today in Lunas (20th Feb 2011) in a closs door hall makes the Police jittery and with utmost speed and efficiency went to arrest and intimidate the participants. Peaceful forums are disrupted, but cow head protesters, which were likely to arouse animosity and inter racial hatred, are endorsed by Home Affairs Ministry and the propitiators are hailed as heroes. The Police forces will lose whatever credibility they have, which is very minimal now, if they are seen as selective prosecutors. Now MIC a party which claims to represent the Indians, just like the legendry Roman Emperor Nero, who when all of Rome was burning, and when he was surrounded by fire he was seen playing Fiddle coolly aptly describes them; they are more concerned how to hoodwink the Indian voters for the coming By election in Merlimau and to appease their grand masters Umno, than to bring any tangible change to this debacle.

Prime Minister DS Najib now preaches Islamic Supremacy like a Mullah from the Persian Gulf, forgetting he is a leader of nation not with a homogeneous population. His 1 Malaysia is just a scam, which is proofing himself without an iota of doubt with all his antics of preaching different thing in different places with different type of people. When he was bestowed with a huge garland on his shoulders, he speaks like a Hindu priest, precipitating revelry among his devotees in Batu Caves. Just when Penang announced the formation of interfaith council, as usual Umno must announce something which is contradictory and defamatory to the opponent, and now Najib talks about ‘sinful’ pluralism.

The mega drama ‘Sodomy One’ which was conceptualized, written and directed by the great dramatist Tun Mahathir famous his emotional crocodile tears in 2002 Umno General Assembly. Tun Mahathir might have got this theme, may be from some ancient mystical mythological text; which specializes in the rudiment of how to dethrone, humiliate and annihilate a political opponent.  After the first successful staging and sending DS Anwar to jail, ‘Sodomy Part Two’ is now being is being staged successfully with the help of grand master puppeteer TDM, with obvious ending of the drama known to all, to send DS Anwar to political oblivion of no return, only to shame and embarrass the nation on this idiocracy.  

Malaysia has become the laughing stock of the world in the way the government disposes their political opponents with dastardly acts, and when political dissents are crushed ruthlessly, and extreme racialism when perpetuated by pro government media are tolerated. Economically the immense lost of FDI, and the reality that we can’t even overtake the tiny red dot down south, and lost of confidence of trading partners and foreign investors has not been resolved. With the myriads of problem facing the nation, like the increasing food, fuel and other essentials, the stagnation of the economy for past many years without increasing real income are not seriously pondered resolved, but actions are taken only for the political expediency of ruling oligarchies to prolong their rule and to plunder the nation. We have all the ingredients to qualify to become a failed state. God save the country.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Interlock,Hindraf and the Psychological Persecution

BN’s arrogance, in their adamancies and the indifference towards the Interlock issue is a great shame for the government of the day. The concerted degrading, exacerbation and humiliation, of the minority communities is only to earn their credit, for the political expediency of Umno by showing they are powerful and would not give in easily to any of the demands of the non Malays. It is their policy to mislead the Malays, that they are god send party to save and protect them and rule the nation for eternity; it is to placate the quasi Umno organization like Perkasa and other ultra ethnocentric parties.
Umno-BN has lost the moral right to represent the multi racial citizens, even with all the sloganeering and promising of false hope with their One Hypocrisy Policy, when their ultimate agenda is nothing but to provoke and incite racial hate for their political gain.
The psychological punishment, which is being unleashed by the government, for the collective defiance of the Indians, against BN in the Mar 2008 is manifested in their resolve in not solving the Interlock issue amicably and speedily. BN’s extreme sensitiveness towards dissent shown, are manifested in their harsh treatment during the recent  sojourn in police lockups  of the arrested activists nationwide; car convoy is the latest taboo for the government; the arrest of Hindraf members’ throughout the country for protesting against the novel is another putridity of police brutality and selective persecution.
Hindraf which is one of the catalysts, for the transformation, of the docile and apathetic Indian voters and to bring about a profound change through the ballot box in 2008.Their November 2007 street protest ignited the pent up feeling of the marginalized Indian people. The arrest of the leaders of the organizers under ISA and the subsequent release; Umno’s resolve in neutralizing this vibrant movement was only partially successful. Even though some of the original supporters have debauched for fame and fortune by forming pro BN party and now protruding like mushrooms after rain during by-elections competing for handouts with MIC and other component parties of Barisan, but the core members are still with their idealism.
The BN’s supported media have, with their covert reporting of negativity of Hindraf, some with accusation of the purported connection with a liberation movement of an island nation of South Asia; and the calculated decimation of reports in the Tamil vernacular press to discredit them with the discreet highlighting, of the infighting within the movement. The docile Tamil Press only competes amongst them to highlight and portray and ravel with europium, news of Najib and Mohiydeen participating in temple celebrations and ground breaking ceremonies of schools during by- elections, but have failed to break the movement.
With all the adverse reporting Hindraf is still relevant among the Indians, just like the Phoenix bird it is emerging again. It’s the defining moment, that all the differences between PR and Hindraf must be overcome and a common strategy is to be crafted to fight the common adversary BN, and to break the myth and falsehood, that it has won over the Indian electorates, and for another electoral triumph in the next General election for the opposition alliance.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Valentine Day and the Moral Policing

Beware friends, do not send flowers or chocolate or meet your lovers and rejoice during this Valentine day. Our Moral Police are on a civilization mission in educating our citizens on the do’s and don’ts. Watch out for the moral police on the sprawl. Don’t be spotted on the 14th of February together with your partners in restaurants, at any of the cozy joints in Jalan Bukit Bintang, mamak eateries and other places which are dark and lonely. They have in their possession intelligence report, of wide occurrence of heat, as with livestock, the profound desire to mate and copulate during this period, among male and female population of ours, widely suspected to be among the age group of 18 to 40, this phenomena will appear again in our region on the 14th of February.
According to the Ministry of Moral Up keeping and Protection of Unapproved Practices, this delirium of libidinous behavior is spread by the decadent west; to morally corrupt  our people and promote their goods like Viagra, red roses, heart shaped chocolates and intoxicating drinks. Their investigation promulgates that this is part of a western religion which is immoral and sinful and has been confirmed by a well-known TV religious motivator.
Their analysis and their latest research has revealed that incest, baby dumping, close proximity and other immoral activities among the population shows that they are precisely only occurring during this season of love and otherwise it’s free of that nonsense throughout the year.
These revelations and discovery of the morally unacceptable practice,which is rampant during these festival of love and affection; like the fornification and extreme gravitation between the opposite sexes, had made our Moral Ministry to embark on a special mission of utmost urgency to stop and discourage the Valentine day celebration among the youths, so that their problem of the new born baby dumping, extramarital sex and all other immoral practices can be overcomed instantly.
The planting and importing of red, pink and other colors of roses and flowers which supposedly provoke romantical feelings among the youngsters has been banned. Heart shaped cakes and chocolates have been decreed as immoral and not to be eaten or given as presents.
My advice to people is to only send flowers and cakes and chocolates on their Facebook pages, do not earn the wrath of our moral custodians by sending real flowers. They are the god send people who guide us to the correct path; as such it must be followed at all costs. As they are quite adamant, in wanting to stop this universal love festival, it is advised that you follow all rules and regulation to placate them. If any of the folks of the weaker sex are detained, they are strongly advised not to seek permission to ease themselves during the transit to detention centers, to avoid some unscrupulous moral enforcement officers from taking photos of unsavory things. It’s strongly recommended that all the rules Ministry of Moral Up keeping and Protection of Unapproved Practices are followed so that their dream of morally upright citizens can visualize.
Happy Valentine’s Day.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Interlock the shaming of Malaysian Indians

Writers and their writing, and the right to write must not be subjected to scrutiny or ridicule. Burning of books must be condoned as an act of infringement against literary rights.  Freedom of expression of authors must be allowed to flourish so that the nation can harvest the best of artistic expression. The information revolution has broken the myth that information is not the birthright of a privileged few. Books which are even perceived as insulting and prejudicial to some segments of society; and even these writings must not be curtailed or truncated of their intellectual propriety rights.  Notwithstanding the freedom of expression, books which have been chosen as part of a compulsive school curriculum must be meticulously checked for the reliability of the content, the age group this material will be exposed, and their implication on the multi racial students.
 The  issue unfolding now regarding this controversial novel ‘Interloke’ is basically the offensive contents in the novel, which are considered as derogatory  and demeaning to the Indian community, which the Government is insisting it must be used as textbook for Malay literature for Form five students at all cost in appeasing Umno to safeguard their fragile support. The prerogative of any responsible Government would be to swiftly react to rectify and remedy the problem, rather than bulldozing to be used, regardless of all the concern shown. Muyideen Yasin the deputy PM on the 29th of January announced the formation of an independent panel comprising various NGOs to amend and remove the offending parts of the novel and continue the novel as textbook. He also reiterated that the novel is good in nurturing and strengthening unity among the people. His proposal of amending the novel is the pinnacle of all ideocrazy.It’s mother of all stupidity. It is the ultimate insult to any writer, it’s better to remove it as textbook rather than to demean the author.
The government’s indifference and lackadaisical attitude in not condoning historical inaccuracies among adolescents on the pretext that a purported national literary laureate has penned some scum is great disservice, and contrary to what the government is unleashing now as the One Hypocrisy Malaysia policy. The BN governments BTN programs has already poisoned a great number of our Malay students in higher educational institutions and now unwittingly the process of racial supremacy and the and Great race concept like Aryan race of the Nazis  will be envisaged earlier in secondary school, to sow racial hatred.
 The pejorative word of pariah was used in the novel as to imply that the majority of the Indians are as such. The author’s intention may not be; to demean or insult the Indians, but his writings will have grave consequences among the students in future to belittle their fellow Indian students. The Indians as any other race have their own problems and weaknesses which they are aware and they are promulgating reforms and are committed in changing their very own apartheid system. It is an insult to injury to write something which is factually and contextually incorrectly, which will only succeeded in demeaning the already marginalised and helpless Indians. The MIC the coalition partner of Barisan Nasional only came out with  statements not to derail the Indian support for 30th January Tenang by election.
The electoral defeat of Umno in the March 2008 election has made them ultra sensitive in their drive towards the winning back of the Malay votes to their fold. The sprouting of extreme Malay ethno religious organizations under the covert support of Umno is sensationalising even the pleading of their legitimate rights of Non Malays as acts of treason against the Agong and the nation. Police reports were made regarding this as an affront to Malay Rights and the royalty. The call to remove the interlock novel as the textbook for Form five Malay literatures by some Indian Ngo’s is considered by  the Malay supremacist organisation as treasonable and insulting the Malay rulers.
When the novel ‘Shit’ was written by the National Laureate Dato Shannon Ahmad in 1999, Umno called for its banning because of the purported allegorical reference of Barisan National and Mahathir and his continues clinging to power, and it was deemed to be anti Islamic. The then Ministry of education called for the cancellation of Dato Shahnon Ahmad’s National literary award given in 1982 just because the writer was from PAS and critical of the PM.The National Malay Literary Organization didn’t make any police report against the government for defiling a prominent author when the government media insulted Shahnon Ahmad. This double standard of the ruling clique is very obvious now as they are on war path on all those opposed to the novel.  
The non Malays of late have been victim of racial slurs and insults by School principals, teachers and Ministers. As such calling for the books to be removed as text book for the subject of Malay literature to the harmonious racial relationship must not be perceived as affront for the freedom of expression; it is a desperate cry of the Indians to be treated with dignity. Their ancestors might have been instrumental in civilising the people in South East Asia one thousand eight hundred years ago; bringing language, religion and culture to the region, but the irony is that, now they are considered and treated like savages.
The only solution of this quagmire is the removal of the novel from school rather than ‘amending’ as per our Deputy PM’s great innovation idea. May be the novel ‘shitt’ should be introduced in schools which will at least ignite some flames of change and maturity among our mundane schools.