Sunday, January 27, 2013

Malaysia and the delirium of Faith

The March 2008 Election which changed the political landscape of the nation and challenged the ruling elites domination of the past fifty years, has precipitated the current divisive political paranoia.The Malay votes and support which was the solid base for Alliance and Barisan Nasional was jolted by the mere 36% of votes UMNO received in the 12th General election. And the entire current debacle besieging the nation can be traced to the historical backlash of Malay voters to that Electoral Tsunami.
The ‘Allah’ issue has been hijacked again, true to the agenda of UMNO  of ‘Tranformasi”. Even though it’s still an unresolved Court case, Fatwas (Religious edicts) has been promulgated that it is an exclusive word only to be used by Muslims, even though its Pre Islamic name for God in the Middle East, JAKIM is spearheading of this divisive enigma without any basis on any anthropological or historical studies. is beyond any doubt it is following orders from their supreme masters of UMNO. Friday sermons last Friday 25th Jan throughout the country lambasted JAKIM’s battle cry, calling all faithful to ‘defeat’ the attempts of the Kufars (Infidels) and upkeep the sanctity of Islam. JAKIM as the lap dog and lackey of UMNO is playing their part as spokesman and authority of Islam in abusing the Islamic faith for the political expediency of UMNO. And  UMNO which has long lost all semblance of goodwill from the people  and who now stand disgraced and corrupted and rotten to the core; is orchestrating and choreographing the Malay Bible issue to win back its lost Malay support. As saying goes, in love, war and politics the end satisfy the means, UMNO is now clinging to religious hatred and racial supremacy as their mantra to reach the shore of salvation, not knowing that the driftwood they are holding hastily is a crocodile in disguise which can consume them before they can reach the shore, which can rip the nation of its existence and malign the fabric of nationhood.
The Chinese component parties of Barisal Nasional MCA and Gerakan which received their death blow at the last elections, and the lose of Chinese support for the ruling party which is a foregone conclusion, and for the Indians, Barisan National strongly feels it is suffice of them to throw bread crump’s for Temples,Tamil schools and giving hampers with rice and condensed milk is enough to keep them supporting them eternally. As UMNO is now flagging their muscles that they have ‘regained’ the Tamil’s support and they are now only bent to appease and cajole the Malay masses.  And now they are going down with the most heinous, destructive and primitive policies of race and religion in the footstep of the ‘demolisher of the countries unity and goodwill’ Tun Mahathir Mohamad to win back Malay support.
UMNO’s attempt to bring back PAS the theocratic party to their fold, citing Malay and Islamic unity as their catchword, even though is dismal failure, nevertheless it has dented and succeeded to sow seeds of hatred among a section of PAS supporters towards PAKATAN RAKYAT with the grace of the ‘Allah’ issue. PAS which was very consistent in portraying them as level headed Muslims and which is gaining wide spread support from varied spectrum of the population, are now being challenged to fall in the trap of UMNO, which somehow rather is in same league with UMNO in the Allah Issue. So UMNO at last succeeded in breaking the fraternity of the loose coalition of PAKATAN RAKYAT. And some of the diverse and confusing statement from a section of PAS, its quiet clear they are  shooting their own legs, contrary to the agreed fraternity of the Opposition Block.
The UMNO’s PERKASA which is calling for the burning of Malay Language Bible is being justified shamelessly by the government controlled Main Stream Media. The Attorney General Chambers and the Police are acting as if they are another component party of Barisan National in their total lack of action against the seditious statement of Ibrahim Ali. The people of Sabah and Sarawak who joined as independent entities in the formation of Malaysia with 20 point and 18 point agreement now stand betrayed, when their fundamental right to practice their faith is being breached by the Federal Government, which is more interested in winning the back Malay votes and now busily embroiled in the racial religious politics of Peninsula Malaysia, rather than safeguarding the interest and rights of the nation with people of divergent nature.
The religious delirium by ruling elite to maintain their status qua with the exploitation of trivial racial and religious issues must be stopped at all cost, to save the nation from falling in the abyss political disgrace and stand tall among nations that we are a civilized coun