Monday, July 21, 2014

MH17- We shall prevail

The cold war ended with the fall of Soviet Empire, but the aftermath of the dismembering and collapse of Warsaw Pact countries, is still haunting the civilized world. Malaysia has become the latest victim of the geo political rivalry of Russians and Americans. We are like a little mouse between two mighty beasts.


When our tears has not dried and the lamentation and cries has not subdued, from the mysterious disappearance of our flight MH370, we are now in the midst another worst nightmare. The idiom’ lightning never strikes twice’ has proofed its self wrong when we Malaysians woke up on the morning of 18th July to watch our National Carrier’s plane in wreckage in the plains of Ukraine, guarded by masked man who look like savages with Assault rifles, as if priding and guarding a priced trophy which they have just shot down. It’s traumatizing to see a burning fallen plane with mutilated bodies strewn apart, very far from our homeland in a country enveloped in a secessionist war, and we stop only at giving condolence messages.

We are helpless, very cautious to not hurt any political power’s wrath in our pursuit to bring back the deceased for a decent burial at home and to facilitate an inquiry. Let’s shred our political difference and petty paranoia and stand committed behind our leaders. Lets us face this turbulent time of our nation, and show the world, we are united against all the bullies who shoot planes of the sky as if hunting their quarry for political solution. Let’s overcome this together. Malaysia shall prevail